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The Online Valuation Report is generated from recent Property Sales and Rental Databases to produce a comprehensive suburb guide.

The information includes recent sales and rental estimates as well as a variety of important demographic and suburb trends.

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Detailed, Property Specific Valuation to Sell, Buy or Refinance in the current market

If you are looking to actually Sell, Buy or Refinance in the near future, a very detailed valuation assessment that is Specific to Your Property is also available. This takes into account recent changes and improvements to your property. This can be obtained with a visit from a Property Specialist on site.
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The Reports are generated by searching deep into Real Estate Databases to pull together an accurate, up to date Property overview.

The technology behind On Line House Valuations, and why they put you in Control

What is your property Value?

It is fast becoming an excepted fact that technology is disrupting many industries.

You only need to look at Uber and Airbnb and what they have done to their respective industries.

Well technology and big data are combining to change the dynamics of the Real Estate market.

Not too many years ago every Real Estate Agent during a listing presentation was asked the question,
“so how much is my house worth“. Or;

I want to sell my house so I am looking for a current Property Valuation.

The world has changed now that websites like are able to access the huge volume of Data that is generated and captured every day in the State Titles Offices, listing websites and Government Agencies.

This Data, once only available to Property Professionals on a subscription basis, is now open to the general public.home online valuation

For so long, when people were looking for a current house valuation or property value for a unit or townhouse, they were limited to the opinion and experience of the local Real Estate Agent.

Today, technology and the world of big data has changed this limited access to the pool of information that has always provided the Agent with the insiders knowledge of what your current house value would be.

The window to this information is now wide open. Want to know the value of your house, unit, villa, townhouse, in any suburb or region in Australia. No problem. You can jump online and get a multi-page Report for free.

That’s right, for free, nix, nothing. All the Data collected, every time a Property sells is available in an online house value search for free in a matter of minutes. And it is fast . Check out our website

Think about the implications of this. The position of influence and who holds the cards regarding determining property values and the ability to informatively produce a report showing what your house is worth was the domain of the Real Estate Agents and the registered property valuers. That this information is available freely to all and sundry may prove to be the catalyst to bringing the owners and buyers of property back into a position of control. Free online property valuations are having a huge influence on the way a decision is reached in working out what your house is worth. When sellers are trying to come up with a reserve price for an auction it was always a bit of a guess.

Modern dining room in property

Real estate agents try and guide the sellers with feedback from buyers designed to reduce their expectations as to what the property value may be, as opposed to what the historical sales data says it most likely will be.

The case for going online and getting a free current home valuation is a bit of a no-brainer. But it is not just about the owner looking to sell their house. There are just as many reasons to get a free house valuation if you are looking to renovate your home, refinance, provide security for another loan or offer a guarantee for a child of family member.

Previously the banks would obtain their own house valuation using their panel of property valuers. Often this property value report was “shaded” as the banks called, it lowering the value of the home by up to 10 %.

What the websites like provide is a detailed, current overview of all the sales of similar homes and units in your area making the process of getting to a true current property valuation of your home more in your control rather than just being at the mercy of the lenders.

It is most likely that as the quality and relevance of the data in these free home valuation reports continues to improve, the agents, bankers and valuers will recognise that this information has changed the way they need to engage with the sellers and buyers of property. The older demographic may still be asking what is my house worth, but even here they are picking up on how crucial it is to be fully informed about their house valuation, before they considering listing and choosing a real estate agent. It is not a stretch to say that these free home valuation websites are as important to the property seller and buyer as the selling websites like .


The area that Real Estate Agents do make a difference with a house valuation is with a physical inspection.

Estate Agent Looking Around Vacant Property For ValuationThe online Home Valuation Report is based on historical data, previous and comparable sales. It cannot look inside and see the current condition of the property, whether the owner has recently renovated, decorated beautifully or badly, tenants have damaged a home or 5 dogs have been sleeping inside and the home smells. You get my point.

The street view is a big help for what the house looks like from the outside but that is only half the story in getting to an accurate assessment of what a house is worth. The property value will be substantially impacted by the condition of the home. The real estate agent should have seen many houses for sale in your area and their condition and presentation.

This experience can be valuable in helping you to value your house or at least provide a realistic guide to what would form your decision regarding the reserve price house valuation when taking the property to auction.

As the saying goes “knowledge is power.

When the knowledge that has always resided with the property specialists, real estate agents and buyers agents is now freely available, the property owners and buyers can negotiate more forcibly on commissions and who pays what for advertising. A free online house Valuation is a tool that can only bring the discussion about your property value and what the list price should be , to what is in your best interests and not just about what will get a sale over the line.

When the quality and quantity of free data about house, unit, apartments and town house valuations is
constantly improving it is not hard to see that selling and buyer agents will have to really lift their game.

The age of the free for all, open source house valuations is about to turn the industry on its head.