Nov 09

5 Tips to Sell a House Fast

For many people, making the decision to sell your home is a difficult one. No matter what the reason for the move might be, packing up, and moving away from the home where so many memories have been made is not an easy task. Often these memories, and the emotional attachment that you feel towards your home, can cause you to lose sight of what the actual market value is.  If you are looking to sell your house fast there are many things to consider such as what the market is like in your area, and how much experience your real estate agent has. If you are hoping to sell your house fast, here are 5 tips to get your house sold, and for a fair price.

Price Your Home Properly
Because of the way we feel about our homes, we often tend to think that they are actually worth more than they really are. A great way for finding out what your home is realistically worth is to have a free property valuation done, or to have a real estate agent come though and do an evaluation. If your home is priced incorrectly it can be difficult to drum up the attention that you need in order to sell your home fast. At the same time, if you list your home to low, while it might sell quickly you will be out a fair bit of money. The recommended method is to actually set your list price at just under market value. By doing this, you are still in the proper price range, and you will drum up the attention that want. In addition, by doing this real estate agents will know to inform their clients that the house is priced to sell, which adds a sense of urgency to perspective buyers, and allows you to sell your house faster.

Repair and Stage Your Home
One of the best ways to sell a house fast, is to do any updates that need to be done, and have it show home ready before listing it. When buyers walk into a house, you want them to feel welcome, and think, “I could live here” as opposed to, “Get me out of here.” Houses that need to have work done, and that have not been staged to look their best do not sell for what they could, nor do they sell as quickly. If a house has a lot of visible problems, then the price that is offered, (and that could take a while) will have those necessary repairs taken into account.


Know the Market
If you are looking to sell your house fast, you need to know what your competition is, and what outside factors impact the sale of a house. Is your home located near schools, parks, or public transit? Are there a lot of houses for sale in your area? Have many of those houses been renovated more recently than yours? Believe it or not, these are things that will impact not only how much your get for your home, but how long your house sits on them market, a great deal.

Strategic Marketing
It does not matter how amazing your house is, if no one knows that it is for sale, it Is not going to sell. This is where making sure that you did your homework, and found a reputable, and experienced real estate agent comes in handy. Find out what sort of marketing they do for their clients, and how long (on average) their properties sit on the market for. By marketing your home correctly, you are opening your property up to a whole new world of potential buyers.

Appreciate Feedback
After a potential buyer has seen your home whether it be through a second inspection or an open house, odds are that they will provide some sort of feedback to their agent. That feedback is then shared with your agent to give you both some insight as to how your home is being perceived. This feedback is a wonderful tool because it will tell you within a relatively short time span what is, and what is not working, in terms of layout, colours, price…etc…. By taking advantage of this feedback you will be able to stage your home in a more appealing manner, and make it a more attractive purchase.


Good Luck!


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