Choosing the Best Real Estate Agent to List a House for Sale – what you need to know.

Deciding to sell your house or unit is one of life’s big decisions that comes with a number of challenges. Very few people have the experience to handle all that is required, from advertising and attracting buyers , opening your home or unit for inspection to negotiating contracts. It also has become a bit of a legal minefield if you don’t know what you are doing. This is the reason that Real Estate Agents are still the primary method that the majority of people use to sell their property. In spite of the high fees, the best agents will definitely help to reduce the stress in selling and usually lead to the highest price outcome.

Of course finding the right real estate agent can often be the hard bit. There are some excellent professional Australian real estate agents out there , but there are also some pretty poor ones. You just need to find the agent that is best for your situation.

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Choosing the Best Real Estate Agent – What to look for ?

real estate agentIt is stating the obvious by saying we all want an agent that can get me the highest price for my house. As much as many agents like to think their wonderful personality and sharp attire are meaningful in achieving a high selling price , it rarely is. What you are really looking for is the agent that works hard, pays great attention to the detail and knows their local property market and area very well.

The best agents gain the trust and confidence of the vendors by really understanding what their objectives are. Sometimes a fast , uncomplicated sale at a fair price is what the owners want. This is reflected in the advertising content and in the communication with buyers. Other times it is getting the highest price with time not being that relevant. The agent that can sit down with you and discuss in detail all the options open to you in how the sale can take place and what is required to possibly improve the presentation of your house is someone you would consider.

Marketing a house for sale is also a skill set that is important where the agent does not just tick every spending box on the marketing form and you are out of pocket thousands of dollars. There are a lot of marketing options today that give a lot of exposure without breaking the budget. Also a good real estate agent knows how to communicate effectively with buyers and highlight specific details regarding your area’s amenities such as schools , parks , public transport and past sale housing statistics.

With regards to an agents experience, the assumption is always that the more sales that an agent has made, it must make them better agents. This in not necessarily so, as many “successful agents ” also become complacent and a little full of their own self importance. Real estate sales is really quite a simple business when you consider how real estate websites bring listed property details to everyone in Australia and new laws about not discussing prices of property that are going to auction make the agents job more about opening a home for inspection. Some agents trade off their reputation from past sales rather than working hard on each and every new listing.

Most people want a good personal rapport with their agent and know they are working for them and not just to make another commission. There are many new real estate agents entering the market with good standards of education and strong IT skills that are well worth considering. Lets face it , when it comes to something as important as selling your house, you really want to connect with the agent and feel valued and comfortable. Just because one agent or real estate office has the most listings in your area doesn’t mean that they will be the best agent for you.

Agent Interviews – getting the best to sell your house

house for sale

It is hard to say exactly why, but many people seem reluctant to interview real estate agents to discuss their proposal on how best to sell your property. In addition to all the elements of which agent best suits you described above , there is more you can do to make the best choice. Something like 60 % of people pick the first agent they meet to sell their house. That is a surprising statistic but it is reality. So at least make sure you go through a basic check list to determine the agent you are meeting has the credentials to get you the outcome you require. This list includes a comprehensive appraisal of the likely sale price of your home, including similar homes that have sold recently in your area. This information is freely available off this website . It definitely pays to have obtained this home valuation before you meet the agent. You will be better prepared when you in the interview.

Selecting a Real Estate Agent Check List :

This check list is a good place to start when trying to determine which agent will best suit you .

Ask them for detailed information regarding :

  • Details regarding three recent sales of houses of a similar standard to your own property, and located in the same neighbourhood
  • A listing of the average property prices in your suburb showing the price trend and time on the market.
  • A full list of all the other properties that are currently for sale in your suburb, and how thy compare.
  • Details of the homes the real estate agent has sold recently, including sale prices for each property , time to sell and any comments or recommendations from other vendors.

This information will definitely go a long way to helping you help you choose the best agent to sell your property. Following this , you need to agree on the selling price that is the most realistic and the best marketing strategy to realise that price.

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