Free Property Valuation – Perth

If you are considering selling your home, the first thing that you should do is get a free property valuation done. These free property valuations can make a huge difference in the process of selling your home, and will also give you some insight into not only what your home is worth, but how that amount can be increased. The important thing to know about free property valuations is that many are completed online. These free property valuations are extremely accessible, and an excellent resource. Being done online however, means that only certain factors are taken into account, some of which you as the homeowner have no control over. Some of these factors that are out of your control include:

The Climate

When in the process of buying a new house, you have the choice of where it is that you want to move to, and what sort of climate you would like to live in. However, once you buy the house, you have no control over what the climate is, and how it might change. People want to live in areas that are safe, and provide a great quality of life, properties that are located in areas with extremely dangerous weather conditions do not sell for nearly what they might if the same property were located in a nicer climate.

The Crime Rate

Generally people do not go out of their way to purchase houses in areas with bad crime rates. That said, crime happens everywhere, and often crimes happen in clusters, with certain areas becoming known for them. Over time, these areas change, and different neighbourhoods become known as the rougher areas. It is very possible that if you bought your home 10 or 15 years ago, it was in a well-respected, and cared for area; However, over time, there is a chance that now that area is becoming known as one of the rougher areas in your city. This has nothing to do with you, yet it will impact the results of your free property valuation.

The city of Perth, like all major cities experiences a great deal of movement in terms of resident mobility. Residents moving in, and out of the city, as well as from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. Free property valuations done on homes in Perth have been receiving excellent results, and great bottom lines. The city offers residents many opportunism, as well as a safe, and mild climate, and a relatively controlled crime rate. Like all major cities the city of Perth is proud of what it is able to offer both its current and future residents. Some of the amenities that homeowners in Perth have that will positively impact the results of their free property valuations include:


although the city of Perth does not have an overly strong manufacturing industry like other cities, Perth has become a leader of other industries, including: tourism, service, health care, and public administration. The city has become so well known in these industries, that the city is now a capitol city and considered a hub for businesses. The growing and developing economy means that there are more and more jobs being created, thus attracting more home buyers to the city, and increasing the results of free property valuations.


The city of Perth is home to numerous galleries, museums, and cultural festivals. The city has become home to a very passionate and diverse population that embrace and celebrate their cultural backgrounds. City’s like Perth that embrace cultural differences, are highly sought after, and appreciated. Having such a multicultural society has led to a demand for more real estate within the city, and increase the price of houses.


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