Free Property Valuations – Adelaide

Owning a piece of real estate is a big deal. Not only does it make a statement that you have worked and achieved enough to own it,but it gives you equity to build upon. Because of how much large an investment owning a piece of real estate is finding out exactly what your investment is worth is an important thing to do. Free property valuations are perhaps the easiest, and most detailed way of find out the information that you are looking for. Becoming more, and more popular, free property valuations offer homeowners insight into what their property is worth, and why that is.

Looking at factors such as location, demographics, housing style, how the home shows, and more, free property valuations take multiple things into consideration to give you the most detailed and accurate report possible.

When considering getting a free property valuation done, it is important to understand what will be taken into account, and what you are able to control,and improve upon prior to putting your home on the market if you do not get the initial valuation that you were hoping for. Things such as curb appeal, modern and updated finishings, de-cluttering, freshening up rooms with a new coat of paint, and updating windows and doors to be energy efficient are all great tactics to improve the results of your free property valuation.

There are however, many factors that free property valuations take into consideration that once initially purchased your property you do not have any control over. These factors can be frustrating depending if your purchased your home without taking them into consideration yourself, or if you had other factors take priority. What uncontrollable factors do free property valuations take into consideration? Here are a few of the most influential factors that free property valuations take into consideration:


Where your home is located will impact the outcome of your free property valuation like few others. In the city of Adelaide, the houses located closer to the city center, close to the many amenities that the city has to offer, and close to public transport, the results of free property valuations are much higher than houses further out in the suburbs. Location is a key factor because of the amenities that the city has to offer, and the plethora of opportunities both educationally and career wise that the city has.


There is crime in every city, generally there are neighbourhoods that are known for higher or lower crime rates than others. These neighbourhoods change over time as well, these changes can be especially frustrating if when you initially purchased your home your neighbourhood was considered to be a safe area to live, and now the crime rate has increased. Unfortunately, living in an area with a high crime rate will impact the results of a free property valuation simply because the neighbourhood is no longer (as) desirable as it once was.


You have no control over the weather. Whether you moved to your city because of work, or for a change of pace, the climate of the city that your home is located in will impact your free property valuation somewhat. Generally this applies more to areas that are difficult to live in, with extreme heat, or bitter cold, but this can also impact results if the climate of a location sometimes causes dangerous weather.

Getting a free property valuation done is an important step when considering selling your home. It is the easiest way to stay informed as to what your investment is now worth. Just make sure that you are aware that there will be factors that impact the result that are out of your control.


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