Home Valuation – Ballarat

Real estate is one of the largest financial investments that anyone can make their in their life, and in many cases it is the largest. Because of how large of an investment buying a piece of real estate is, more and more people are opting to have a home valuation done prior to putting their home on the market. The great thing about home valuations is that they provide homeowners with a detailed report outlining not only what the proper market value for your home is, but how that number was determined. In order to determine a piece of real estate’s proper market value, many factors need to be taken into consideration, one of the most influential being the educational opportunities that the city is home to.

In the city of Ballarat, homeowners are benefiting from the many educational opportunities that the city is home to, both through educational institutions, and also from additional cultural institutions that promote education through hands on learning. Home valuations that have been done in the city of Ballarat reflect the demand that these institutions and opportunities have had on the local real estate market.

Educational Institutions in Ballarat

Primary and Secondary Education

The city of Ballarat has four State Government-operated secondary schools of which including Ballarat High School, Phoenix College, Ballarat Secondary, and Mount Clear College. The city of Ballarat is also home to over eleven Catholic schools between both the primary and secondary classifications, some of the most well-known include: St. Patrick’s College, Damascus College, and Loreto College. In addition, there are also two private and boarding schools: Ballarat and Queens Anglican Grammar School and Ballarat Claredon College. These two schools are renowned for the excellent education that they provide their students, and are the only schools in Ballarat to rank on the top 100 Victorian Schools based on average VCA scores.

Post-Secondary Schools

The city of Ballarat is home to two Universities: The Ballarat Campus of The Australian Catholic University, which began as the Aquinas Training College by the Ballarat East Sisters of Mercy; and Fredictron University Australia, this school originated as the Ballarat School of Mines, and up until the year 2014, went by the name The University of Ballarat.

In addition to the educational institutions that are located throughout the city of Ballarat, the city is also rich in culture, and home to a number of institutions that promote hands on learning for all ages. These locations include: The Post Office Box Theatre, The Ballarat Symphony Orchestra, The Court House Theatre, The Royal South Street Eisteddfod, as well as The Ballarat Botanical Gardens, The Ex Prisoner War Memorial, and The Ballarat Fine Art Gallery. One of the great things about these excellent opportunities is that cultural and educational opportunities like these is that it gives residents of all ages the opportunity to get involved and to gain hands on experience in these fields, providing residents with a unique learning experience that they might not get elsewhere, this unique factors that the city offers have helped make the home valuations what they are.

The opportunities that these educational institutions and opportunities have provided the residents of Ballarat are sought after, and unique to the city. These unique opportunism have provided the city with cultural and educational opportunities, but employment opportunities as well, with each school, historical site, performance venue, and land mark requiring staff from many different industries. It is thanks to these additional employment opportunities as well as the many educational and cultural opportunities that the city of Ballarat is home to, and has spent so long developing that the results of home valuations done on homes in the city have been as high as they have been.



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