A Home Valuation in Canberra – is now the time ?

The Canberra residential home sales market seems to be slowly improving. Valuations are reasonable and affordability is quite good with such low interest rates. If you have been tossing around the idea for a while of putting your home or unit up for sale, now is as good as time as any to do it. Before you do, it is worthwhile getting a home valuation done. This process is easy now with on line home valuations available from http://homevaluationguide.net.au/ . You will be able to find out what your home value is likely to be and what other Canberra homes are selling for before you make contact with a real estate sales agent.

Is it worth getting a valuation done ? Absolutely. A current home valuation report will provide you with the insight that you need to give you an edge when selling your home and you will be more likely to get closer to the true value of your property in today’s market with out just relying on the agent to appraise it for you. You will be able to see how outside factors such as transport , location, schools , crime etc impact the value of homes in Canberra and also see how the selling price of your place could be increased through minor updates and renovations when compared to other similar homes.

Here are a few suggestions from a renovation magazine as to how your home in Canberra could be updated to get you the best results possible from a sale :

Take Advantage of Natural Light

If your home has many windows, take advantage of the natural light that flows through. By accenting your windows with curtains that are both complimentary to the rest of the room, as well as energy efficient, you will be able to bring your room new life, making it look even brighter , larger and more airy.

Good Heating and Cooling Systems

Home valuations in Canberra reflect the fact that unlike some other places in Australia, the city does experience a great deal of temperature variation. Often frost in the winter, along with extremely chilly temperatures and hot in the summer. A buyer will be very impressed with effective and energy efficient air conditioning.

Ask your City Council

The city of Canberra takes pride in the appearance of its neighbourhoods, and houses. If you live in a neighbourhood that has suffered some graffiti or vandalism speak to your local Canberra councilor about having it cleaned up. This is not always the easiest option, however a clean and attractive neighbourhood will go a long way with potential home buyers, and will add value to your home.

Home valuations across all of the Canberra suburbs vary significantly. The top end tends to do fairly well overall. The city itself experiences a lot of movement and mobility from its residents, often moving inwards to the city, or further out depending on what their budget and work is. Recent home valuations done in Canberra reflect that, and while obviously some houses, and some neighbourhoods do better than others, the entire city is considered to be an “in-demand” location.

To improve the potential sale price of your property , try to update your home in ways that you know will increase the value . In addition to the suggestions listed above, doing things like de-cluttering your home, adding a fresh coat of paint, landscaping, updating flooring, and replacing older finishings and light fixtures with more modern styles will do wonders for your homes valuation. If you are ready to start , go here for the free report for any Canberra suburb http://homevaluationguide.net.au/ .



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