Home Valuation – Geelong

If you are a home owner that is trying to find out how much your real estate investment is worth, one of the best things that you can do is to have a home valuation done on your property. A home valuation will be able to provide you with the information that you need in order to know if putting money towards a large scale renovation, or if your home is ready to be put on the market in its current state. Perhaps the best part about having a home valuation done is that all of the information that you are provided with is give in an easy to understand text and format.

Many people are unaware of just how many factors influence the results of a home valuation. In some people’s minds a property is only worth what the land and the building itself are, without taking into consideration any of the opportunities or amenities that the location of the property has to offer. For residents of Geelong, one of the things that the city offers its residents is a culturally rich community that embraces many different cultures and art forms.

The city of Geelong is a city that loves its music, from instrumental to rock, the city has been home to many popular artists such as: Chrissy Amphlett, Denis Walter, Magic Dirt, Jeff Lang, Barry Crocker, and Gyan Evans. Geelong is also home to a number of music festivals such as The National Celtic Festival, The Poppy Kettle Festival, The Queesncliff Music Festival, The Meredith Music Festival and the Offshore Festival. In addition to hosting several music festivals, Geelong is also home to multiple cultural venues including the Geelong Art Gallery, and the Geelong Performing Arts Centre. However, it is not just music that the city is passionate about in terms of the arts. Geelong is a popular filming location for both television and film. Some of the most well-known feature films that have been filmed there include: The action film The Ninja Immovable Heart, which was filmed in and around the city of Geelong; Mad Max (1979) which was filmed around Lara and Lovely Banks; December Boys (2007), which was filmed in South Geelong around Kardinia Pool; as well as Ned Kelly (2003) and Ghost Rider (2007).  The city has also inspired many visual artists who have created many celebrated works depicting the city and all of its beauty.

Every city is different, and because of that every city will have different things that cause it to stand out, and attract the people that it does. The city of Geelong is city that embraces the arts, and culture from music to film, to religious and ethnic festivals, the city embraces its residents, for who they are, and what they can create. Home valuations that are done on properties around Geelong reflect the opportunities that the city provides its residents through events, and creations such as the ones described above.

If you are considering selling your home, getting a home valuation done is a great way to see how the unique things that make your city the city that it is impact what the properties in your area are worth. While every city is different, cities that do not have these festivals, or promote the creativity of its residents often do not have a) the amount of residents that major cities like Geelong do or b) residents who are passionate about the city, and want to see it develop and grow. Home valuations on cities without these things come in with lower results because they often have less to offer.



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