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When homeowners are thinking about putting their home on the market, more, and more are deciding to have a home valuation done. One of the reasons that home valuations are becoming so popular it breaks down the features of having home and the way that the different aspects of both your property and the city that it is located in will impact the price. For many people a home valuation not only provides you with a realistic market value for your piece of real estate, but it also takes a look at all of the things that will impact the overall outcome of that home valuation as well as what you can do to your home to improve the outcome. It is important to know that there will some factors that you cannot control, but that you really should be aware of in order to be realistic about your sale price. However, there are several things that you can control, and that will also impact the results of your home valuation. Here are some of the more surprising factors that have influenced the results of home valuations around Launceston.

One factor that should be taken care of when you are having a home valuation done is cleaning up and taking care of the outside of your house. This applies to any additional buildings, such as garages, guest houses, or storage sheds that are located on your property. These might just be for storage, but they also impact the appearance of your home, and when having a home valuation done, it is important to make sure that the outside of your house looks it’s best.

Another factor that many homeowners do not think will impact the results of your home valuation is the style of home that you own.  Depending on if it is a townhouse, an apartment style condominium, or a detached home, many things will change that influence the results of home valuations include: lot size, privacy, and square footage.

Many people do not think that energy efficient windows will make a huge defense in the results that they receive from a home valuation. They are wrong, having updated windows and doors, is like having a new kitchen put in prior to putting your home on the market – only on a smaller scale. It is something that many, especially older homes need, and something that will benefit the future homeowner over time. By updating these prior you might be spending some money up front, but not only will it help to increase the market value of your home, it will also save you some money while you are still living there.

Another factor that many people do not realize impacts the results of home valuations done on houses in major cities like Launceston, is the accessibility that the location of your house gives you to public transit. Houses that are located in cities like Launceston and are in more of the downtown core generally receive noticeably better on home valuations. This is because more, and more people are looking to do their part for the environment by taking public transit to work, as opposed to driving, and it also reduces the amount of mileage that has to be put on their own cars.

There are a lot of things to consider when you are trying to determine what a realistic market value is for your home, this is why more and more people are turning to home valuations. These reports are becoming increasingly popular not only among residents of Launceston, but all over the country, with residents finding out what exactly their homes are worth, and how they can improve their bottom line.



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