Home Valuation – Melbourne

Home valuations are an important first step in the moving, or even major renovation process. And if you think about it, for how large of an investment buying a piece of real estate is, it makes sense to keep informed as to what it is worth. But can the climate of the location impact the outcome of a home valuation? The climate of a location is something impacts home valuations and as well as the amount of people who might potentially purchase your property.

The city of Melbourne is home to an oceanic climate. That means that because of it’s location in between the hot inland, and the cooler ocean the area is very vulnerable to changing temperatures. The most dramatic temperature changes that the citizens of Melbourne experience are generally during the spring and summer months. In the past these dramatic changes have consisted of intense drops in temperature, hail, and thunderstorms. These weather changes can be dramatic, and sometimes startling if you are not prepared, but they are often considered a small price to pay to live in such a beautiful, cultured, and ocean side location.

Although the city experiences intense climate changes throughout the year, the city still remains one of the largest in Australia, with over 4 million residents to date. In addition, the city welcomes millions of tourists every year. Home valuations done on houses in Melbourne generally benefit from the oceanic climate. Yes, there are dramatic changes throughout the year, but the general weather that Australia experiences is highly desirable for many international residents, and Melbourne is one of the most highly sought after urban settings for people looking to move there.

In addition to the weather, the air quality and pollution, especially in a large city like Melbourne is often a concern for potential buyers. No one wants to live in a city where they will be surrounded by smog and dust all of the time. Home valuations for cities like Melbourne do well, partially because of the good air quality throughout the city. This is especially impressive when you take into consideration the amount of people that reside in the city, and the amount of tourists that travel throughout every year.

Cities, such as Melbourne, that offer green spaces such as forests, parks, fields, and protected swamps are in demand as they offer the amenities such as excellent schools, public transit, fine dining, job opportunities and more while still offering residents cleaner air, and an area that is more visually appealing to the masses then complete brick and mortar.These cities are often said to offer the “best of both worlds” providing their residents with everything that they could want from a larger city, while still providing that feel of nature.

Home valuations take into consideration the location of the house, as well as the amenities, and desirable factors that the city has to offer potential buyers. Just like living close to the top schools in your area, living in a city with a desirable climate, and low air pollution increase the results of home valuations.

If you are looking to have a home valuation done, but do not live in an area with the cleanest air, try adding some greenery to your property. This is not to say that a few shrubs or trees will make a dramatic difference in the outcome of an evaluation of your city’s air quality, but they will add some of that impressive and in demand visualization.Plus. home valuations do take the landscaping and the curb appeal of a house into consideration, so adding some extra greenery will actually help you out in several ways.



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