Home Valuation- Sunshine Coast

The third most populated area within the state of Queensland, the Sunshine Coast is a metropolitan area, that is located 100km north of Brisbane, and along the Pacific Ocean coastline. Home to approximately 3 million people, the Sunshine Coast is a sought after area for home buyers and real estate investors. For residents who are looking to find out what their home is worth, and why having a home valuation done is a great way to find out details regarding your home’s value in a short amount of time. Home valuations take several things into account, and what many people, in many cases first time, or novice home buyers do not fully understand is that there are many factors that impact the results of home valuations that do not actually have anything to do with the building itself.  Home valuations take factors like climate, geographical location, crime rate, entertainment, sporting events, as well as educational, and employment opportunities in to consideration when determining what a house is worth.

Fortunately for residents of the Sunshine Coast, they live in an area that has a lot to offer perspective buyers, and that benefits the results of home valuations. One factor that the Sunshine Coast has that benefits the results of home valuations are both the many sporting events that take place there, and the numerous teams that represent the Coast.  Some of the most popular teams that represent the Sunshine State include: The Sunshine Coast Falcons (rugby), and The Sunshine Coast Fire FC. The sunshine coast has also become well known for its many golf links, some of the most well-known being: Horton Park, Headleand Golf Club, Pacific Harbour, Noosa Springs, Twin Waters, Palmer Coolum Resort, as well as Mount Coolum, and Beerwah Coorpy.

One of the reasons that sporting events and opportunities such as these make such an impact on home valuations is that they provide the Coast with more job opportunities. With each event comes more and more tourists visiting to see their favourite teams compete. The great thing about a strong tourism industry is that it really brings jobs to all sorts of industries along with it, including: police, health care, finance, public administration, hotel management, event management, customer service, food service, and the media are just a few of the many industries that are positively impacted by the strong tourism industry. Another industry that is positively impacted is the real estate industry.

With more, and more jobs being created because of the tourism, more and more people are looking to move to the Sunshine Coast. Cities and areas that provide residents with the opportunity to get a good job, and that has jobs in so many various industries can be difficult to find. Home valuations reflect the amount of job opportunities nearby. This is because jobs are among the top reasons that people buy homes where they do. The more jobs that a city has the more in demand the city is. Already home to approximately 3 million people, the Sunshine Coast is an in demand area that seems to be continuing to grow. Home valuations done on houses in this area reflect the growth, and the demand for real estate, especially as you look closer to the more urban areas. Home valuations are a great way of keeping an eye on what your real estate investment is worth, and to find out how your city or location is impacting the results (both positively and negatively). If you are considering moving, and are looking at houses, a strong tourism industry is a great sign of an economy with jobs, and a strong housing market.



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