House Valuation and House Valuations

Do i just ring the real estate agents and go with what they say, or go to a house valuation website like and get a report before hand ?

Sound familiar?

Well there are 5 very good reasons that you should get an up to date house valuation , before you sell, and before you speak to the real estate agents.

1. Buying after selling : You are looking to sell but you are also going to be looking to buy. You have to live somewhere. Your house valuation will pretty much determine what price bracket you will be able to afford , what area and what style of property . An apartment near to the city , maybe a small place near the beach. You have to know what you can reasonable expect to get for your house so that you can see what you can buy.

2. What are current House Valuations like : It has been a long time since you purchased your home and although you read the paper and see that the property market is quite strong you are not familiar with current valuations. Doing some research yourself , looking at other similar houses on the market is vital to catch up on where the market has moved to in your suburb and your style of home. Being better informed is the start of maximising the sale price of your house.

3. How does my house compare to my neighbours : When trying to determine the value of your house it pays to look at what your competition is. How many other properties are currently on the market. How long have they been listed for. By viewing various real estate listing websites you will start to get a better understanding of what you will be selling against. look at the photos and standard of presentation , the features and location. This additional information will get you a lot closer to understanding how the agent will get to your house valuation.

4. You are now ready to meet with up to 3 real estate agents to agents to assess from their presentations which is the most suitable for you. You will be able to take in all the information in their presentation about house valuations in your area and listen to their pitch , comfortable in the knowledge that you have spent the time and effort to research this your self. The information provided by websites like have given you the knowledge that you will not be blindly led by the agent but have formed a petty accurate idea of your house valuation and will be able to weed the wheat from the chaff in their presentations. You will be more in control of what you list for and what a true valuation of your house should be.


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