House Valuation – Bendigo

It seems that more and more, people are beginning to realize what a large investment that purchasing and owning a piece of real estate is, and with this increasing realization, more people are turning to house valuations in order to find out what their real estate investment is worth, and why. While there are many factors that influence the results of a house valuation, one of the factors that many people do not think about is the history of the city in which the house is located. The history of a city impacts the results of a house valuation for different reasons, a large one being the impact that the history had on the city today. The city of Bendigo for example has a rich history with the Victorian Gold Rush, and because of this, the city still relies on gold mining as one of its primary industries. In addition, one of the city’s other main industries – tourism – exists very much because of the role that the city played in the Victorian Gold Rush. Some highlights from the city of Bendigo’s role in the Victorian Gold Rush are:

In June of the year 1852, there were an estimated 40,000 diggers in the Bendigo field. It was also around this time that the first official post office opened under the name of “Bendigo Creek”.  Although the first in Bendigo Creek, it was not first in the area, with other goldfields post offices opening in Carisbrook, Sandhurst, Forest Creek, and Bendigo previously. During the following year there was a massive peaceful protest by surface miners who were fed up with the 30s gold license fee and how often it was collected. Unlike protests in other areas such as Bendigo and Eureka Stockade the protest stayed peaceful and no one was hurt. It was in that same year that the town plan was first developed along with public buildings and hospitals. Because of the impact that the Victorian Gold Rush had on the area, and the amount of people that it drew to Bendigo Creek, the city began to quickly expand and grow in population, with population booming following the war.  As the city continues to grow mining still remains one of the most dominant and influential industries in the city, and continues to attract people from both far and near.

Results of house valuations done on properties in Bendigo reflect the impact that the Victorian Gold Rush and the mining industry has had in terms of creating jobs, and attracting new residents to the area. The results of house valuations done on houses in Bendigo also provide insight in to how the Victorian Gold Rush has impacted the tourism industry of Bendigo today. Many of the sites and attractions that have been bringing people to Bendigo from all of the world are historical and are known for the roles that they played in the development of the city, and the Victorian Gold Rush. Tourism, although a relatively newer industry than gold mining is one of the other dominant industries in Bendigo, and has brought thousands of people to the city from all over the world. Because of this, many jobs have been created through the expansion and development of the tourism industry. House valuations done in the area reflect not only the excellent opportunities and landmarks that have made the city well known, but also the job opportunities that have been created because of them. The unique thing about the tourism industry is the ripple effect that it has on other industries within the city, creating jobs in a number of fields.


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