House Valuation – Darwin

The city of Darwin is one that is proud of its sports teams, and passionate about providing its residents the opportunity to take part in recreational and house league teams. The athletic opportunities throughout the city have increased over the years as the population has expanded, catering to the demographics. and requests of it’s citizens. The house valuations done on real estate throughout the city reflect the ever growing population, partily brought on because of the many athletic opportunities.

Darwin is home to a number of sports teams, but is perhaps more well known for it’s sporting venues and arenas. The Marrara Sports Complex for instance has multiple stadiums, including fields for cricket, rugby, soccer, field hockey, as well as both indoor and outdoor basketball courts.  In addition to these well known and renowned courts and fields, the city of Darwin has also played host to many sporting events over the years. These events have at times had both the entire nation, and the world watching.  These events include one annual home game by the Western Bulldogs Australian Football League; Rugby Union Club, and Rugby League competitions; The Heineken Hottest 7s in the World Tournament; and the Arafura Games. Along with all of these games, the city of Darwin also hosts a round of the V8 Supercars annually at the city’s dirt track racing venue, Northline Racing Circuit.

There are a lot of benefits to hosting so many large scale sporting events. The economy of Darwin receives a large boost, especially the tourism industry. The people who work in this industry account for over 8% of the population, so having these events taking place, and drawing increasing numbers almost yearly adds a lot to the industry, securing jobs, and creating more. This boost to the tourism industry is a huge factor to the outcome of house valuations throughout the city. Because the tourism industry employs so many people, the boost to the industry is recognized as a wonderful thing, and a definite opportunity to not only hire more people, but to possibly move residents out of being hired on a part-time or contract basis to a much needed full time schedule.

Large scale sporting events are not the only way that sports are impacting house valuations in the city of Darwin. House valuations are also being impacted by the many smaller scale sporting events through recreational activities and opportunities, and house league events. The city is home to many recreational football, basketball, rugby, cricket, and netball leagues. There are opportunities all throughout the city for people of all ages to get involved and play.

Aside from team sporting events, the city benefits from it’s wonderful geographical location, many residents and tourists alike enjoy taking advantage of the many aquatic activities that the city offers, including: swimming, boating, scuba diving, and relaxing on the beach. The city actually has large, beaches of white sand and unpolluted water. This is another bonus for the tourism industry, and another reason that real estate in Darwin is in such high demand, meaning that house valuations continue to increase regularly.

The house valuations done in the city are impacted by a lot of things, however the wonderful sporting opportunities and events cannot be overlooked. Not only do these events attract people, but they also offer sought after job opportunities, not to mention the volunteer opportunities for young and old. Finding a location that works for your and your family, is not just about finding a home in the city that you or your spouse work in, but in finding a city that you can make a home, one that provides the jobs, education, culture, and entertainment that you and your family love. Looking at house valuations done throughout Darwin, many families feel that the city does just that.


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