House Valuation – Gold Coast

Whether you are looking at purchasing a home, or you are in the early process of getting yours ready to sell, a house valuation is a key step in making sure that you are fully aware of what the property is worth. While the geographical location of a house is often considered when purchasing, when selling your home is something that might cross your mind, however, it is completely out of your control, and often not a factor that is given too much thought. The Gold Coast has a unique geographical location that impacts the results of house valuations done there for many reasons.

The Gold Coast, is covered very much by nature and forests, with various paths of rainforest, coastal heathlands, farmland, and uncleared eucalypt forest, the nature alone works as a huge selling feature for many perspective home buyers. Because of the sheer amount of nature throughout the Gold Coast, many residents move to the Gold Coast to in a way, have the best of both worlds. Living in the Gold Coast means that you are only a short distance away from the wondrous rainforests, and beautiful paths throughout the coastline; however, it also means that residents are living in a major city that is home to over 500,000 people. The ability to have all of the popular and in demand amenities that the Gold Coast provides its residents with, all the while living only a short distance from picturesque forests, is something that has impacted the results of house valuations for years.

While many move to the Gold Coast to be near the beautiful forests, and trails, others move there to still be close to nature, but of the more aquatic kind. The waterfront is one of the most attractive features of the Gold Coast, for many perspective buyers. The Gold Coast Seaway, that runs between the South Stradbroke Island, and The Split allows for vessels to have direct access to the Pacific Ocean, right from the Broadwater itself. Many people opt to live by the residential canals, which were first built in the 1950’s. Due to the ongoing demand for real estate in this area, construction is still on-going.  The early canals such as the Isle of Capri and the Florida Gardens were being constructed when the flood of 1954 hit, and in many ways serve as a reminder of the event. In terms of water front real estate, there are almost 900 kilometers of residential waterfront property.

House valuations done on houses in the Gold Coast reflect the demand not only for houses in the industrial hub of the city, but of the demand for houses closer to the waterways as well. Many people view these homes as being a unique representation of what the Gold Coast is actually all about. Because of the way that the Gold Coast is set up, with relatively easy access to the gorgeous trails, rainforests, paths and water ways, many people move there for the guaranteed employment opportunities that the tourism industry brings. Because of how popular these locations, and landmarks have become the tourism industry has been increasing for years, and shows no signs of slowing down.

When considering selling or buying a home, many people look at the geographical location, more so as a factor of how easy or difficult it would be to get from point a to point b, or what the schools are like nearby. The unique geographical location of the Gold Coast has made the houses in the area garner more than impressive results from house valuations done because of not only the excellent opportunities that the area offers, and the ease of travel throughout the coast, but also the history, and accessibility that the Gold Coast provides residents to not only the amenities that major cities have, but also nature.


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