House Valuation – Melbourne

In a lot of ways, when getting a house valuation done, what the city that a house is located in, and what the city is able to offer it’s residents is just as important as the house itself. The city of Melbourne is a city that offers residents lots of cultural events, and opportunities. From a variety of sporting events, to festivals and celebrations of the arts, the city of Melbourne embraces cultural events like few others.

When it comes to sporting events the city is home to many. Host city to the 1956 Summer Olympic Games, the city also hosts professional Cricket, Tennis, Rowing and Baseball games. The Melbourne metropolitan area is also home not only to the Australian Football League headquarters, but to nine of its teams, including: Western Bulldogs, Collingwood, Carlton, Melbourne, and North Melbourne.

Now, you might be asking how it is that these sporting events impact a house valuation. Well, as stated before, when getting a house valuation done, there is more taken into consideration then the state of the house itself. Having these sporting events allows residents who are interested, and passionate about these sports to attend events easier, it provides opportunities for residents to get involved through volunteering, cooperative opportunities, and internships. In addition, these events also attract tourists; And having a great deal of tourists visiting the city creates employment opportunities.

Throughout the year, the city of Melbourne is also home to several cultural festivals. Melbourne is a city made up of an international culture, and one that embraces it. Various festivals such as: The Melbourne International Film Festival, The Melbourne Fringe Festival, The Melbourne International Arts Festival, and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, are hosted throughout the year, celebrating various cultures.

Festivals such as these are wonderful for residents and tourists alike, embracing all of the various cultures that the city is made of. In terms of how these festivals impact a houses valuation, celebrating and embracing the various backgrounds and cultures that have come to the city provides educational, and employment opportunities, as well as opportunities for people to both celebrate their background, and others as well. Communities that welcome and embrace these backgrounds are appreciated, and sought after by many home buyers, leading to a higher house valuation.

Melbourne is a city that is rich in the arts, and celebrates them regularly. The city is home to multiple theatres, and dance companies, including: The Melbourne Theatre Company, The Australian Ballet, The Victorian Arts Centre, The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, and The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. In addition, the city is also made up of several schools that specialize in the arts including the Heidelberg School (also known as the Australian Impressionism). In addition to these celebrations of the arts, the city is also known for its rich literary history. Literature is such a part of the city, that in 2008 the city was named  the second City of Literature by UNESCO.

These celebrations of the arts provide wonderful opportunities for residents of the city. Opportunities in terms of recreational activities, employment, and education increase the outcome of house valuations throughout the city.

Home valuations throughout the city are increased because of the many cultural events and festivals held throughout the year. Having these opportunities adds a lot to what the city can offer residents, and makes Melbourne a more desirable place to live than other locations that do not offer the same events, opportunities, and amenities. When looking at getting a home valuation done, it is important to acknowledge that factors such as these will impact the results quite a bit.


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