House Valuation – Perth

If you are considering putting your home on the market, you might want to consider getting a house valuation done in order to know exactly what your house is worth, and how outside factors such as the tourism and recreational opportunities that your city offers impacts that price. In the city of Perth, house valuations have been providing residents with highly impressive results, in part, because of the impressive tourism opportunism that the city offers.

The tourism industry in the city Perth is highly important to the entire state’s economy.  Annually the city welcomes more than 2 million domestic visitors, and almost an additional 1 million international. The majority of tourist attractions ae located in and around the core of the city, the Swan River, Fremantle, and the coast.  In addition to these specific locations, the city is also home to a number of museums, these include the interactive science museum The Scitech Discovery Centre in West Perth, The Army Museum of Western Australia, The Aviation Heritage Museum, and the Western Australian Maritime Museum.  In addition to these wonderful museums, the city of Perth is also home to several historic and heritage sites. These sites include: Heritage Council of Western Australia, The Old Court House, The Old Mill and The Perth Mint.

Unlike many other cities, the city of Perth does not have a strong manufacturing industry. This is because of its geographical location. The manufacturing that does take place within the city of Perth is very much to manufacture to serve their own community, as opposed to exporting. One industry that has become huge within the city of Perth is the retail industry, and this is because shopping has become one of the huge attractions for tourist. The primary shopping district within Perth is focused around Hay Street, and Mary Street. This area has developed over time, and now has several shopping centers including The Forrest Place, and Harbor Town.

The tourism industry within the city of Perth has made a dramatic impact on the results of house valuations. With so many tourists coming to the city every year, the employment opportunities that come along with them have done wonders for the economy. With the growing economy, and the  millions of tourists visiting the city every year, more and more jobs ranging from part time or contract work up to full time are being created and attracting more, and more new residents to the city. It is because of the ever growing population that the results of house valuations are increasing so much.

The city of Perth does not just benefit from a strong tourism industry, but from a variety of acclaimed recreational activities for tourists and residents alike. Perth is home to one of the world’s largest inner-city pars, Kings Park.  Kings Park covers approximately 990 acres, and has multiple of attractions within it including: The Western Australian Botanic Garden, children’s playgrounds, a 15m high double helix staircase that was designed to resemble a DNA molecule, Jacobs Ladder as well as The State War Memorial Precinct on Mount Eliza.

The combination of attractions within the city benefited residents of Perth in terms of employment, volunteer opportunities, culture, academics, and more. Because of high number of opportunities throughout the city the demand for real estate has grown immensely. People follow the opportunities, and look for cities that can improve the quality of life for both themselves and their families. This demand in real estate has increased the results of Perth house valuations steadily over the last few years. Being there is no indication that the population is going to settle, and the expansion stop or even slow down, the house valuations done in Perth are expected to continue providing excellent results.


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