House Value – Adelaide

From world renowned theatres, to ballets, symphonies, and concert venues, the city of Adelaide is one that respects, and embraces the arts, and all that they bring. Since the 1960’s the arts in the city of Adelaide have flourished, bringing unique pieces, exhibitions, performances, tourists, and an increase in housing value.

Although a multicultural city,much of the Adelaide’s early culture was compared to British and European. Since the local arts scene began to rapidly develop in the 1960’s the city has seen a more diverse take to its arts scene, embracing different cultures, through both visual and performance art. Globally known festivals such as The Fringe Festival and The Adelaide Festival of Arts welcomes thousands of tourists, bringing a boost to the local economy annually. These two unique festivals were developed by Thomas Playford in the year 1960, and have become a staple for the arts in Adelaide. Over the years, the city has expanded these festivals and created additional festivals to take place. Some of the more well known include: FEAST, Tasting Australia, Adelaide Writer’s Week, Big Day Out, Parklife, Future Music,WOMADelaide, The Adelaide Film Festival, The Adelaide Cabaret. It is not just the performances that are unique however, the city is home to several well known galleries, theatres, and performances spaces. These include The State Opera of South Australia (established 1976) and the Adelaide Festival Centre (established 1970).

With the establishment of so many festivals of the arts has created a rather large artistic community within the city, and has made Adelaide into a city that really attracts arts both to study, and create. The festivals have also grown immensely over the years and now welcome thousands of tourists regularly. This boost in tourism does wonders for the economy, and creates both employment and volunteer opportunities for residents. Unfortunately, many of the jobs created follow the recent employment trend in the city and offer primarily part-time or contract jobs. With all of the opportunities, and festivals to attend the city has experienced an additional benefit and that is an increase in house value. The demand for real estate in Adelaide has, and continues to grow, in part, because of the growing artistic community that the city is home to.

It is not just festivals and events that have attracted so many people to the city, over the years Adelaide has produced several well known musical acts such as: pop artists, Sia, Guy Sebastian, and Wes Carr; rock bands, The Angels, The Super Jesus, as well as Wolf & Cub; The Adelaide Youth Orchestra; and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. Adelaide also plays host to many artists in the many concert venues throughout, including: The Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Memorial Drive Park, Adelaide Oval, and the Adelaide Festival Centre..

Home values in Adelaide have become more, and more impressive over the last 15 years. It comes as no surprise that this increase in home values accompanies increases in the arts in terms of exhibits, courses, and festivals. Adelaide is now considered a hub of some of Australia’s best artistic talent, and is a sought after location for many young and old looking to make sure that the arts are a dominant part of their lives. With galleries, festivals, and events for all ages, the city welcomes and embraces the arts and artists.  The support, funding, and opportunities that arts have been experiencing in Adelaide is extremely different than what many artists experience elsewhere. This respect, and attraction has boosted house values tremendously, and caused for there to be an even higher demand for more real estate in this creative metropolis.


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