House Value – Ballarat

For a parent, there are few things more important when looking for a house than the safety, of where you are it is located. The reality is that there is crime everywhere, and that no one can ever say that they are choosing a house because the neighbourhood that it is located in is the safest neighbourhood in the city. But what many parents do look for when choosing a home is factors like: if it is a family oriented community, are there a lot of pubs and bars nearby, is there a program like a neighbourhood watch in effect, and are there schools in the area. Other factors that are often taken into consideration is if a lot of the houses in the area are rented out, or if the homeowner is the one that lives there, and what the educational and employment rates are.

The city of Ballarat is considered a great city to live in, its primary demographic is young adults, most of which have attained some sort of post-secondary education, and many of whom have started or are in the phase of life where they are likely to start a family. These demographics are great indicators to perspective home buyers that the community in general is fairly safe.  These demographics are great influencing factors towards the local housing values in Ballarat. With so many residents having a higher education, and many obtaining a higher income because of it, the city shows that it not only has decent paying jobs, but that the majority of its residents are career professionals. Housing values in the city reflect the fact that these are attractive qualities to perspective home buyers and parents.

The city of Ballarat is also home to a large number of suburbs including: Mount Helen, Soldiers Point, Canadian, Black Hill, Bakery Hill, and Brown Hill. Although generally the value of houses decreases the further out you start looking from the downtown core, many parents like the idea of their children living and playing on quitter streets, in neighbourhoods that are known for being family friendly. These neighbourhoods generally consist of houses that are larger, and sit on good size lots. These properties also tend to have a lower house value, making them very appealing to a lot of families.

Now, there is crime in every city, and over time the pockets in cities that have the higher crime rates move. This can be extremely frustrating to homeowners and real estate investors who have bought a home in what was once considered a nice area to live, but has since become a less than desirable area for perspective homebuyers. Unfortunately the crime rate is not something that that a homeowner is able to control in order to improve the appeal of their home and increase their house’s value.

Safety is something that everyone is concerned about, no one more so than parents. Cities that have an extremely high crime rate are generally not as high in demand as cities that are renowned as being safer places to live. The city of Ballarat is one of the latter, with a relatively high employment, and education rate, the city of Ballarat prides itself on being a great and popular choice for families to live and grow. This has been a huge benefit to the growth and population of the city of Ballarat, after all, few things increase the housing value in a city than knowing that the city takes pride in providing the best, and safest quality of life for even its youngest, and most innocent citizens.


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