House Value – Cairns

In many ways the opportunities, and ways in which a location can better the lives of its residents is just as important when determining a city’s housing value than the state of the actual property being looked at. Housing values in Cairns are a great example of how the entertainment, recreational and cultural opportunities that a city offers can impact the local market. It is because of these events and opportunities that the residents of Cairns not only benefit from a cultural, and entertainment stand point but also from an employment and real estate standpoints as well.


The city of Cairns is a city that loves it’s sports, home to a multitude of competitions and teams, some of the most well-known teams being: Cairns has a seven-team AFL competition between teams from the Cairns and Port Douglas area. The AFL Cairns currently hosts one AFL game each season. In addition, there is also an AFL Masters team that is based within Cairns, and they are known as the Cairns Stingers. The city of Cairns also has a National Basketball League (NBL) team called The Cairns Taipans. The city of Cairns also has a large association football (soccer) community and fan base with a local competition that goes from Innisfall to Port Douglas, and then west to Dimulah. The Cairns area has become very well known for the professional and well-known professional athletes that it has produced, including: Shane Stefanutto, Michael Thwaite, Frank Farina, and Steve Corica. Being home to so many teams and competitions has done wonders for the city of Carin’s tourism industry, welcoming hundreds of sports fans to the city each year. This has been a wonderful thing for the city in terms of things to do, and allows local fans to see their favorite team play without necessarily having to worry about the travel or accommodations aspect of catching an out of town game.

The Arts

In addition to being a well-known city for sports, the city of Cairn has also become quite well-known for the artists that it has produced as well, including: Actors Rhys Wakefiled, and Brenton Thwaites; writer Xavier Herbert; as well as musicians: Wilma Reading, Johnny Nicol, and Christine Anu. The city of Cairns has also become known for the various art galleries and impressive pieces of work that have been produced and shared around the world.

Another reason that events and opportunities like these impact the housing values of cities like Cairns is that with each game, each concert, each book launch, each stage production people need to be employed in order to make these events happen, as more events develop, the more employment opportunities that end up being created. These employment opportunities are perhaps the most influential factors aside from the actual property when it comes to determining property value. Cities that have events and opportunities such as the ones described above, often have strong tourism industries, as well as a well-developed city plan in terms of law enforcement, public transit, as well a strong economy, and how to run the city with large numbers of tourists and visitors.

Cities like Cairns, that have rich culture that is filled with unique and tourist attracting events, and that produce internationally known professionals and arts are few and far between. The housing values of real estate in cities such like this reflect the popularity of the city, along with the opportunities that the city offers its residents. These opportunities go a long way in creating a demand for real estate that drives the housing values up.


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