House Value – Gold Coast

When determining the value of a house it is important to remember that there are many factors that influence what it is. Some of these influencing factors that many consider when buying a house more so than when selling it, is the crime rate of both the city, and more specifically the neighbourhood that the house is located in. The crime rate in and around the Gold Coast is nothing overly concerning, and has not caused perspective buyers to change their minds. As with all locations, there is crime around the Gold Coast, and as with most areas it does tend to be more dominant in some neighbourhoods more so than others.

Determining a houses value can be a tricky matter, but figuring out how the crime rate in your area will impact the value of your house is not an overly difficult thing to do. While exact figures are obviously interconnected with other factors, the overall idea is to get a clear idea of how safe your neighbourhood is. Consider questions such as, do you feel safe walking around your neighbourhood alone? Do you know of any crimes that have taken place within your neighbourhood? Are there police being called to your neighbourhood on a regular, or even semi-regular basis? Having lived in your neighbourhood, you are more than likely aware of what the crime situation is.

If you live in an area that has become more known for the crime that takes place there than almost anything else, that will impact what the value of your house is. That said, if that is the case, there are always options as to what you can do to help improve your neighbourhood. While this will not change the way that your neighbourhood is perceived overnight, it will overtime. Here are some things that you can do to help make your neighbourhood seem more appealing to perspective home buyers, even if the crime rate has gone up:

Involve Your Neighbours

If you live in a family oriented neighbourhood that has suddenly been impacted by an increase in crime, speak to your neighbourhoods. Programs like the neighbourhood watch, and the buddy system between kids can be excellent steps in the direction of bringing your neighbourhood back to being considered a family friendly area.

Speak to Your City Council

It is the job of your city council to listen to your concerns, and to make your city the best that it can be. If your neighbourhood has a lot of graffiti and vandalism perhaps your city councilor could help to get that cleaned up.

A houses value depends very much on the neighbourhood that it is located in, and the way that it is perceived. Neighbourhoods throughout the Gold Coast, as with other major locations have different crime rates, and those crime rates influence the value of houses in each neighbourhood in different ways. The value of houses in the Gold Coast are not overly diminished because of the crime rates throughout the area, simply because overall the crime rates are not that high. Whether selling or buying a home it is important to consider where the house in question is located. It is also important to remember that overtime crime rates, and the location as to where the majority of crimes are taking place move. Houses that are located in rougher neighbourhoods sell for less now, but 20 years down the line who knows what the crime rate will be in those neighbourhoods, or how the value of those houses will have changed. Like most things, crime rates change, so it is important to keep an eye on how these rates are changing over time.


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