House Value – Hobart

On way that the city of Hobart stands out among other major cities is the fact that not only does it have excellent schools, but it is also home to a multitude of research facilities. It is in part, because of these things, that the value of houses in Hobart have increased the way that they have over the past decade or so.

In terms of schools, the Greater Hobart Area (commonly referred to as the G.H.A) is home over 120 educational institutions ranging from Primary, all of the way up to Post-secondary. These schools are a mix of independently run, public, private, and catholic schools, with the majority of them located around the city core. In addition to these educational opportunities, the city of Hobart is also home to a Polytechnics College Campus, which is a post-secondary institution that focuses on qualifications different than the traditional university level courses.

Because of its geographical location, the city of Hobart is considered an Antarctic gateway city. Both the port and the Hobart International Airport serve as ways to reach or send supplies to the Antarctic. It is because of the city’s location, that the city has become home to many Southern Ocean and Antarctic scientists and institutions. Some of the most well-known Southern Ocean and Antarctic scientific institutions include: CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, The Australian Antarctic Division, The International Antarctic Institute, The Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre, The Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies, as well as The Commission for the Concertation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, and The University of Tasmania.

It is because of the city’s unique geographical location that these educational and scientific opportunities exists there. These are the kinds of opportunities that really influence the value of a house, because they are so unique. It is because of the numerous research opportunities, and the gateway to the Antarctic that sets the city apart from any other, and it is also because of these research opportunities and the gateway that the city has experienced such a surge in population from scientists, researchers, and students alike. This surge in population has led to a great increase in house values, with the value of houses rising more and more the closer to the major attractions and research facilities such as the port, The Commission for the Concentration of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, and The International Antarctic Institute.

The value of houses in Hobart has increased also because of the employment opportunities that these schools and research institutions create. With each institution comes hundreds of job opportunities, including opportunities in the fields of engineering, administration, janitorial, and marketing.  These opportunities are another reason as to why so many people have found the prospect of living in the city of Hobart so attractive. These job opportunities have increased interested in the city, not just for those working in the education, or scientific industries, but to people working in all industries because of the plethora of opportunities available throughout the city.

House values throughout the city reflect the many opportunities that the city offers its residents. It is because of this, that the city of Hobart has had such a steady rise when it comes to the values of homes throughout. Educational and employment opportunities are without a doubt two of the leading factors that influence the value of houses, and the city of Hobart has without a doubt used that to its advantage, having excellent schools ranging from kindergarten all the way to University and post-graduate studies, and research institutions that are recognized and acclaimed worldwide.


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