House Value – Newcastle

The city of Newcastle is a city that is passionate about its sports. This is a wonderful thing for residents and people considering moving to Newcastle for a variety of reasons, the first being that all of these sporting events need employees in order to take place, meaning that these sporting events are creating hundreds of job opportunities throughout the city. The second reason that these sporting events are so wonderful for both the current, and the future residents of Newcastle, is that they provide a boost to the city’s tourism industry, and therefore help the local economy grow stronger. Both of these reasons lead in to the third reason as to why Newcastle’s love of sport is such a wonderful thing. Because of the employment opportunities and the boost that the sporting events bring to the local economy, the city of Newcastle has experienced an increase in the value of its houses. Yes, a house value in Newcastle is very much determined in part, because of the benefits gained through the city’s overall love of sporting events.

The city of Newcastle loves its sports, and is passionate about them at both the professional and the house league levels. Some of the most popular sports among Newcastle residents are:

Horse Racing

Newcastle is home to the Newcastle Jokey Club that races 35 times annually. The development of the Broadmedow turf track made a major statement about how loved this sport is among residents, and it now is the venue of three Group 3 races, The Newcastle Newmarket Handicap, The Cameron Handicap, and the Newcastle Gold Cup.


The city of Newcastle is home to the Newcastle North Stars this team represents Newcastle in the Australian Ice Hockey League championships. Generally the Newcastle North Stars play out of the Hunter Ice Skating Stadium in Warners Bay.

Water Sports

Because of the many beaches that the city of Newcastle has, the city has begun hosting several professional water sport competitions and championships. These include the annual surfing content, Surfest, which has welcomed professionals from all over the word.

Because the city of Newcastle has become so well known for these events, the sporting events held throughout the city have had a great impact on the value of its houses. One of the reasons this is, is that these events have created so many additional employment opportunities for residents. Without a doubt the more opportunities for employment, the higher the demand for real estate the city has. Housing values throughout Newcastle have seen a steady increase because of the continuous job opportunities that are being created.

While some of these jobs are being created in industries specific to the sports and competitions themselves, housing values are also increasing because of the job opportunities that are being created in the tourism industry. Every year, the city of Newcastle welcomes thousands of tourists, and in many cases these sporting events are large reasons why. The increased job opportunities, is not the only benefit that these spotting events have had on the city of Newcastle’s tourism industry, the industry itself is doing better, and is intern able to pour even more money back into the local economy.

Many cities are passionate about their sporting events, and in almost all cases the value of houses in that city benefits because of it. If you are considering moving to another city, or you are interested in finding out what your house is valued at, a great place to start is to take a look at events such as these that really do have a ripple effect throughout the city.


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