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The educational opportunities that a city offers is one of the most important factors for many families when they are looking to buy a new home. For this reason, it is important that you are fully aware of the educational opportunities within your city especially if you are looking to find out the value of your house, prior to putting it on the market. Many people are surprised by the additional opportunities that these educational institutions bring to the city, and the way that they can impact the value of houses throughout.

Education in the city of Perth is compulsory between the ages of six and seventeen. At the elementary and high school levels, parents have the option to send their children to either governmentally run public schools, or private schools that are generally associated with specific religions. The city is also home to a number of highly acclaimed, and respected public and private universities. This number of educational institutions increases the value of houses greatly.

Some of the most well-known and respected post-secondary institutions in the nation.

Curtin University

Western Australia’s largest student population, Curtin University has gone under several name changes since it was established. First established in 1966, the university was first named the Western Australian Institute of Technology (WAIT) up until 1986, and Curtin University of Technology from that year up until 2010. This is one of the fasts growing schools and has an impressive growing research reputation. Curtin University is also the only university in Western Australia to produce PhD recipients of the AINSE gold medal, (which is the highest possible recognition for PhD level engineering and science research throughout New Zealand and Australia).

Murdoch University

Murdoch University was established in the mid 1970’s, and is home to Western Australia’s only veterinary school.

The University of Western Australia

Founded in 1911, The University of Western Australia is one of the nation’s top research institutions, and is known for its neo-classical architecture, and is the only university in the state to be a member of the Group Eight.

Being home to so many leading universities in research and academics, has not only helped increase the city of Perth’s population throughout students and faculty, but has also increased the demand for real estate within the city a great deal.  The city has become known for the incredible research that has come out its universities. The impressive work and research that has been done at the city’s universities has also worked as a huge attraction for families. Parents want to provide their children with as many, and the best opportunities possible. Cities like Perth, with such well known, and respected universities often see increases in its population because of the ability for students to study there while saving money and living at home. Because the city of Perth offers this opportunity, for students to who are eligible to attend these top universities the chance to save thousands of dollars by living at home while studying, parents are willing to pay more for houses in the city, especially those closer to the schools. Housing in these neighbourhoods specifically have experienced a huge increase in housing values because of the additional interest of investors looking to rent houses out to students.

The amount of universities within Perth have not only increased the value of houses throughout the city, but also provided the city of Perth with hundreds of employment opportunities. Career wise, the universities bring employment opportunities in all sorts of industries, from culinary, to education, to janitorial, retail and more. It is because of these opportunities that the value of houses, and the demand for additional real estate have risen throughout the city.

When choosing a new city to live in, the value of the houses throughout the city will be determined by many factors, while it can be extremely difficult to remember them all, the educational opportunities that a city can offer is not one that you should overlook. Few other factors will be able to make such a dramatic impact to the value of houses throughout the city.


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