House Value – Sunshine Coast

When it comes to factors that determine a houses value, perhaps the most influential is the employment opportunities that the city which the house is located in offers. The Sunshine Coast is an in demand area that is dominated by four main industries: construction, tourism, agriculture, and retail. In addition, the Sunshine Coast has also become an in demand area for innovative businesses and entrepreneurs. House values throughout the Sunshine Coast reflect the thriving job market, and the many opportunities that have been developing.

In the last few years, the Sunshine Coast has welcomed over 100 new start-up businesses. Generated greatly by the University of the Sunshine Coasts Innovation Centre, these businesses are primarily in the cleantech, creative, and ICT fields. The development that has taken place because of this new wave of start-up businesses has been invaluable, and has made the Sunshine Coast the new place to be if you are looking to get in to one of these innovative fields. House values around the Sunshine Coast have benefited greatly because of the increase in interest in the area from all of the young professionals looking to work there.

The region is not only extremely proud of the innovative, and impressive work that is coming out of these new start-ups, but has been pushing to go even further, pushing an emphases on “clean and green knowledge-based business” this would extend across almost all sectors from the most modern and innovative to the more established, including: education, aviation, information and communication technologies, as well as health care, and the creative industries. This push to become an even more aware, and modern area has made the Sunshine Coast even more attractive to students and recent graduates who are looking to get involved in projects such as these at the ground level.

The employment opportunities that the Sunshine Coast has been developing over the past few years have had a direct correlation to the housing values. Because of the demand that these innovations, and developments have made on the real estate along the Sunshine Coast, houses tend to not sit on the market for long time, nor do they sell for much less than market value.  The blend of traditional and established industries such as construction, tourism, agricultural, and retail, with the new innovative industries that have been starting-up in recent years has made Sunshine Coast an ideal place for people of almost all qualifications. Because of the variety of strong and dominant industries that the area has, housing values have not only increased but development on additional housing has begun to take place.

The many employment opportunities that the residents of the Sunshine Coast have been experiencing, are not showing any signs of slowing down, with more, and more start-ups developing regularly. This is a great thing for housing values, because there are few things that take priority over a strong and evolving job market when someone is considering moving to a new city. If you are considering selling your home along the Sunshine Coast, these many opportunities will serve you well and will help you to sell your home quickly and for a good price. Depending on where your home is located in the Sunshine Coast your home might even be worth a premium simply because of its proximity to the more urbanized areas. House values vary depending on numerous things, but one thing is for certain, and that is that homeowners that live along the Sunshine Coast have been, and will continue to benefit from the employment opportunities that have been developing in the recent years.


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