House Value – Wollongong

When determining a houses value it is necessary to understand what factors influence what it is. One factor that many think about, without really realizing it is the geographical location of a home. This is because the location of a home is one of the first things that you decide on, whether it is because of the job opportunities that the city offers, or because of a unique feature that that area has such as long unbroken beaches. The city of Wollongong has a unique and distinct geography because it actually lies on a narrow coastal plain that is flanked by a steep sandstone precipice that is known as the Illawarra Escarpment to the west and the Tasman Sea to the east. The neat thing is that the city center is pretty much located right in the middle, with the coastal plain narrowing out in the north, and growing wider towards the south. There is also a large lagoon just south of the city center as well.

One of the ways that the geographical location of a city becomes such an important factor is that the unique qualities that make up that location will attract certain people. For example, the coastal strip consists of a highly fertile alluvium, which has made Wollongong an extremely attractive location for agriculturalists for years now. The unique aspects of different geographical locations also impact the kinds of industries that do well there.  Because of a city’s unique geographical location, the demand for real estate can vary, and be impacted by the industries and job opportunities that these locations have helped to develop.

Residents of Wollongong, have been able to take advantage of the beautiful location that they live in, and have been seeing those benefits reflect in the value of their houses. Housing values are dependent on a lot of variables, and can be difficult to understand because of how many factors influence them. However, factors such as the geographical location are great things to consider when determining a houses value because it really does impact several other factors through somewhat of a rippling effect. For example the city of Wollongong is located in an oceanic climate and experiences fairly mild temperatures all year long, because of the mild temperatures and the regular rainfall that the location receives, the land, (especially along the coastal strip) has been seen as excellent land for agriculture for years now. This has provided jobs, and a large boost to the local economy. In addition, because of the city of Wollongong is home to so many picturesque coastal settings the area has become quite popular among tourists, creating another thriving industry.

House values in Wollongong are an excellent reflection of what the city has to offer. Because the city of Wollongong has become so well known for its beauty and tourism, the city has begun to experience somewhat of a demand for real estate. This demand has led to house values increasing and houses selling quickly. House values are an important thing for residents of Wollongong or anywhere to understand really. Because of the size of investment that real estate is, it is imperative that homeowners understand what their houses value is, and how various factors impact it. This will not only help homeowners keep an eye on what their investment is worth, but also make wise investment decisions in the future if they consider purchasing another piece of real estate. The geographical location, although often not thought about specifically has a rippling effect on many other parts of the city, from employment opportunities, to the recreational opportunities that take place throughout.


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