How Do I sell my Property Quickly for a High Price?

The first step in achieving a great price for your property with a quick sale is to be informed. So get an online valuation guide from , it is free. Follow this up with an onsite or in home marketing appraisal from a local property professional. Doing these two things will help you to out find out how much your property is worth today.

If you are concerned about how long it will be until you see the sale proceeds in your bank account, then it takes some serious planning and the right agent. Get help from the home valuation guide “Real estate agent selection service” to find the right real estate agent to sell your house . With help from a professional agent, you should be able to get your house on the market relatively quickly, although that does not guarantee how fast it will sell. What most sellers do not realise, is that by making a few basic changes before listing your property for sale, you could considerably improve its appeal to buyers and sell your house faster by making it stand out from the competition.

Sell my house fast

Don’t overprice your property, it will not help in getting it sold quickly

It’s common to think that pricing your house higher than the appraised amount will give you room to bargain with potential buyers, but doing so can actually hinder your sale. Setting your sale price too high can make buyers think that your property is out of their budget and considering a lot of buyers select a price range when looking online, overvaluing your property can have your listing completely missed in a search.

Selling your house quickly depends on how you attract your buyers and listing it at a competitive price is the best way to do this. Even listing your property below your appraised amount is a great way to attract multiple offers which in turn could increase your overall sale amount.

Is an effective marketing campaign important when selling your house? Definitely.

Even though it’s often said that a property sells itself, however if you have the right marketing campaign, you can increase that chance of selling your property quickly in any market. A good advertising and marketing campaign is one of the best ways to ensure you sell your property quickly as it allows you to reach your buyers in the most effective way.

It helps you to consider how they would go about looking to buy a house. Are they more likely to be on social media, or are they more likely to speak directly to an agent about properties that are available? Whatever option you decide to go with, make sure you don’t restrict your sale by only focusing on one. The more channels your marketing budget will allow the better, you cannot afford to miss out on potential buyers.

It pays to highlight your property’s best assets

Sell for the highest price

Is your property close to public transport or is your suburb a popular location? Consider the best assets your property has going for it and make sure they are highlighted in your marketing campaign. Distance to amenities, parks and CBDs are particularly attractive situational features to buyers and can make your property stand out just as much as what is inside your house. Once you’ve found the assets you want to highlight, make sure you capture them with effective photography. Dull and outdated photos won’t motivate buyers to inspect the property and are one of the top reasons your house won’t sell quickly.

Make the most of your property’s first impression with prospective buyers

The hardest part about selling your property is getting it noticed, but once you’ve got a buyer ready to inspect your home or apartment , half the work is done. First impressions matter and the way your house is presented can effect whether it sells quickly or if it sits stale on the market. Unless you are positioning your house as a ‘renovator’, fixing small things can improve the chances of getting an offer from a buyer after they’ve done an inspection. Before your inspection, you might want to:

  • Remove personal effects. Creating a blank canvas encourages buyers to see themselves in the house.
  • Fix small problems. Repairing anything broken will be worthwhile in the long run. An obviously neglected property can be a red flag for potential buyers.
  • Consider your curb appeal. What does your property look like from the street? Making sure your lawn and gardens are presented well will make for a good first impression as well as encourage ‘walk ins’ to check out your property.
  • Do small renovations. Depending on the time you have, doing small renovations can have a huge effect on how quickly you sell your property. Think repainting faded walls with a neutral colour, fixing leaky taps or replacing lights with LED bulbs.
  • Ask a friend. Living in your house for years means it’s hard to notice small problems that a buyer might come across upon first entering your property. Get a friend or even your real estate agent to do a walk through and tell you if anything obvious jumps out.

Be involved in the post property open home / inspection process

After you have had your open house or inspection day, you will start to get requests for second inspections as well as enquiries. It’s important for you and your real estate agent to be quick to respond to questions and also flexible when it comes to making yourself available for people to visit your property again. As people come through your property, get your real estate agent to collect feedback. If you find it has been a while between having someone make an offer or further contact then you can investigate why this might be and make changes to your approach.

Just like you will be dealing with more than one buyer, your buyer will likely be inspecting more than one property, so having quick turnarounds to both of these matters can highly effect how quickly you sell your property.

Timing, price and how you market your house are all important factors in how quickly you sell your property and having the right information before you start the process will ensure you save time and money.


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