How Much is My Home Worth? – Bendigo

When determining how much your home is worth it is important to be aware of the many factors that will impact this amount. One factor that is becoming more and more influential is the ease and quality of the public transit in that area. For residents of Bendigo the public transit has been improving and enhancing their quality of life for some time now. Because of the way that the city has embraced public transit services like carpooling, buses and trains, the city has benefited in multiple ways, and the answer that residents asking, “How much is my home worth?” has gone up.

Car and Highway Driving

Bendigo is connected through the Calder Freeway to the city of Melbourne, which is less than two hours by car. The remaining section of highway that is closest Bendigo has been upgraded to dual carriageway standard ensuring that drivers are able to travel up to speeds of 110 km/h (68 mph) for the majority of their trip. Many other regional areas are also connected to Melbourne through the city of Bendigo, making it a gateway city in the transport of produce and materials from northern Victoria and the Murray to the Port of Melbourne and beyond. In addition to all of this, the city of Bendigo is also serviced by a large network of buses that caters primarily to the areas between the city core and the suburbs, as well as several taxi companies.


The city of Bendigo acts as a major rail hub for northern Victoria, being at the primary junction of several lines including the Bendigo Line. This line travels south to Melbourne and lines running north including the Eaglehawk-Inglewood Lines, Swan Hill, and Echua lines. The V/Line operates regular passenger services to Melbourne. While there are several rail stations in the urban area, only two other stations currently operated for passengers, and they are The Eaglehawk Railway Station, and the Kangaroo Flat Railway. In addition there are train services that run to and from Echua and Swan Hill. In addition, The Regional Rail Link has promised to provide more reliable rail services between the cities of Melbourne and Bendigo in the future.

Having a strong public transit system is beginning to have more, and more of an influence towards how much homes are worth. This is because being able to access public transit does benefits residents in multiple ways:

Creates Job Opportunities

Not only does the development of public transit create job opportunities for people looking to work within that field, but it also opens many doors for residents who do not have regular access to a car to travel to and from work or to interview for potential jobs that are not in walking distance. Being able to access employment opportunities is perhaps the most influential factor aside from the property itself in determining how much a home is worth. With more and more people becoming more concerned about our environment it is important that they have options that they are comfortable with and that they can rely on in order for them to get to and from work.

The Environmental Impact

Cities that have a strong public transit system in place generally receive better answers to the question of, “How much is my home worth?” because of the way that taking public transit allows people to do something good for their world and their environment without really having to donate, or make any huge gesture.

The Financial Impact

Owning a car is expensive. While obviously, you have to pay to take public transit, daily, monthly, or yearly passes in general end up being a lot cheaper, not to mention accessible. This is a huge factor for recent graduates, and young adults.


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