How Much is My Home Worth? – Geelong

If you are a homeowner in the city of Geelong, and you are trying to determine how much your home is worth, one simple way to get an idea is to consider how far out it is from the city center. This is because how much a home is worth, is very much dependent on how close it is to the urban, and central area of the city. The central and more urban area of city is generally the area where the majority of city amenities are located, these include things like the majority of job and networking opportunities, the public transit, shops, fine dining, art galleries, festivals and more. The further you are out form these things generally the price of how much a home is worth drops somewhat, because you are no longer paying a premium to live there.

The city of Geelong is made up of many suburbs, and because of that has a large population of people living there. The city is actually made up of over 50 different suburbs including: Whittington, Belmont, Breakwater, Ceres, Armstrong Creek, Waurn Pounds, St. Albans Park, North Geelong, Marcus Hill, Avalon, Balliang, Barwon Heads, East Geelong, Clifton Springs, Swan Bay, Batesford, Wandana Heights, Bell Park,Herne Hill, Corio, Drumcondra, Bell Post Hill, Bellarine, Little River, Breamlea, Charlemont, City of Greater Geelong, Moolap,  Connewarre, South Geelong, Curlewis, Drysdale, Fyansford, Geelong, Geelong West, Grovedale, Mannerim, Highton, as well as Indented Head, Leopold,Lovely Banks, Manifold Heights, Marshall, Queenscliff, Point Wilson, Moorabool, Mount Duneed, Newcomb, Newtown, Norlane, North Shore,  Anakie, Ocean Grove, Point Lonsdale, Portarlington,  Rippleside, Hamlyn Heights St Leonards, Staughton Vale,Thomson, Lara, and Wallington. But do not let the amount of residents that live in the suburbs, the urban city center is home to a great number too.

Deciding where to live in a city is very much a tradeoff depending on what you really need in order for your family to function at its very best. If you family needs lots of room to play and grow, a quiet street, and room to entertain the suburbs might just be for you. That said, if your family needs to be close to cultural festivals and activities, job opportunities, internships, and public transit, more urban part of the city might be more of what you are looking for. The tradeoff is that if you are living further out, generally, you do not the ease of accessibility to all of the amenities that the city has to offer. This includes some of the more established schools, galleries, festivals, and complete access to Geelong’s public transit services. Living further out generally means that there is a commute involved. When it comes to how much a home is worth where it is located is very much a determining factor. People end up paying somewhat of a premium to live in the urban areas and have easy accessibility to all of these amenities.

For residents of Geelong, like many major cities, how much homes are worth very much depends on the ease and quality of life that the area brings to the homeowners lives. For example, generally having to commute into the city for work is not ideal for a lot of people, (for some people it is perfect) but as a generalization it can be stressful at times, and therefore not really something that people are going to pay a premium to have to endure. How much houses are worth in Geelong is very much a reflection of the demand for real estate in that area. If a lot of people want to live on a specific street, suburb, or neighbourhood it will be worth more.


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