How Much is My Home Worth? – Launceston

For many people, thinking about the arts and entertainment within your city or town is something that you might talk about with friends when discussing upcoming plans, or if a trip was being planned. Not that often is this topic brought up when trying determine how much a home is worth. But perhaps it should be. The arts and entertainment options provide more than just something to do on a Saturday afternoon, they also provide the city with cultural experiences, job opportunities, chances to volunteer, or the opportunity to get some hands on learning outside of the classroom.

Cultural Experiences

The city of Launceston is home to The Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery. This art gallery was established in 1891, and is now considered to be the largest museum located outside a capital city in all of Australia. The Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery is actually located at two sites different  across the city: the original purpose built building at Royal Park and the second at the  Inveresk Cultural Precinct, where there are former railway station and rail yards in buildings that have been   converted from the former Railway Workshops. The Inveresk Cultural Precinct also includes the Launceston Tramway Museum, this Museum actually houses the No. 29 tram, the ‘Mary St’ shelter shed along with a plethora of other historical artifacts and memorabilia. The state’s largest preservation railway, is the Don River Railway, which also has a carriage rebuilding workshop on the site. The oldest bookshop in all of Australia, A.W. Birchall & Sons that was established back in the year 1844, is also located in the city of Launceston, it is located in its original site on Brisbane Street.

Job Opportunities

For people wondering how much their home is worth, few things will impact the answer that they are given, more so than the job opportunities that a city has. The reality is, that people need to work. With every store, historical site, museum, theatre, performance venue, library, with every institution or event that is developed jobs are created. These jobs are key to creating a demand for real estate and an interest in the city. How much homes are worth is very much tied into the job local job market, are there jobs being created? Do these jobs pay enough? Are there jobs in different industries, or it all coming out of one specific field? The answers to these questions will impact the answer that residents of cities like Launceston receive regarding how much their homes are worth.

Volunteer Opportunities and Learning Outside of the Classroom

While with every institution there are new jobs created, many, especially those in the cultural sector rely heavily on the support of their volunteers. Volunteering is something that is becoming more expected from employers, and becoming more crucial to getting some hands on learning in a person’s field of interest outside of the traditional school setting.

Residents of Launceston that are wondering how much their homes are worth are not alone, homeowners everywhere ask that question, and homeowners everywhere have to take some time and consider many factors in order to get a realistic answer. While the arts and entertainment of a city might not be the most obvious factor to be taken into consideration, it does impact the quality of life of residents within the city in many ways. From providing cultural experiences, to creating new jobs, and providing people with new and hands on experiences outside of the classroom, a city that has took the time to develop options within arts and entertainment generally end up finding out that their homes are worth more than those that do not.


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