How Much is My House Worth? – Canberra

If you are moving to a new city, it is important to try and find out a little bit about the demographics that make up the population. The city of Canberra is an extremely multicultural society, and is home to over 355,000 residents. Some of the most dominant ethnic backgrounds of residents within the city include: East Asian, Vietnamese, British, Chinese, and Spanish.

Looking at the citizens, the majority are well educated with over 45% of residents between the ages of 25-64 having at least a bachelor’s degree, and fairly young, with an average age of 34 years.
In addition to these characteristics, the majority of residents are also extremely mobile, with more real estate movement taking place in Canberra than any other major city in the country. With 61.9% of residents either moving to or from the city between the years 1996 and 2001. The city is home to multiple large industries, including public administration, public safety, as well as naval communications. These industries make up the majority of careers made up by residents.

Understanding the demographics of a city means multiple things, it means that you will be able to make a more informed decision when considering purchasing a house, to find out if the city of Canberra is right for you. How much a house is worth is very much determined by the educational, employment, financial, and religious diversity and demographics of a city.  The thing to remember is that cities like Canberra, cities that provide their residents with opportunities to better their lives in as many ways as possible are the cities that get the better answers to the question, “How much is my house worth?” These are the cities that have been designed and developed to attract home buyers, and expand as the demand for real estate increases.

If you are looking at possibly selling your home in the city of Canberra, the demographics are still a huge factor in how much your home is worth.  If the city does not have the educational opportunities, infrastructure, cultural events, or enough strong industries, how much a house is worth will not be as high as it could be.  Similarly to the way that the demographics of a city impact the how much a house is worth for potential home buyers, those hoping to sell their home can benefit too. If you have a home in Canberra you are in a real estate hot spot, one that has an ever growing demand for real estate, and that has ongoing industrial development. People will buy a house based on much more than just the building itself, or the lot that it sits on. People buy a house based on the city in which it is located, and the opportunities that it offers. The demographics of a city makes a huge difference in the quality of life that potential buyers can expect to have there. If, like Canberra, the city, on average, has a high level of education, potential buyers can expect that local employers are looking for people with such educations, and that the majority of the jobs throughout the city pay more than jobs created for people with lower educations. Similarly, if a lot of the houses throughout the city are rented out to tenents, it tends to give the impression that it is a lower income area, where either employment is scarce, or the wages are lower than people need to live a high quality of life.

Overall in order to get the answer that you want to the question of, how much is my house worth, it is absolutely necessary to find out as much as you can about the demographics and diversity of the city in which you are looking.


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