How Much is My House Worth? – Gold Coast

When trying to understand how much your house is worth, it is important to understand the role that certain things play in determining that figure. One factor that many people do not consider, is the role of tourism. The Gold Coast is the most popular and in demand tourist destination in all of Queensland, and is the fifth most internationally visited location in all of Australia. Generating over $2.5 billion dollars in revenue every year, tourism is without a doubt the largest industry in the Gold Coast.  With figures like these, it is no wonder that the tourism industry is constantly creating additional job opportunities for residents of the area, and that new events are added regularly. These employment opportunities and events are two of the main reasons why the tourism industry has made such a definite impact on how much houses along the Gold Coast are worth.

The Gold Coast welcomes millions of tourists every year, and because of this, has been developed to continue doing so. This is done by the creation, and upkeep of the many beaches, shops, restaurants, and theme parks. The Gold Coast is home to over 10 theme parks, including: The Australian Outback Spectacular, Wet’n’Wild Water World, Warner Bros. Movie World, Dreamworld, Sea World, as well as David Fleay Wildlife Park, Paradise Country, White Water World, and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Due to the ever increasing demand of tourists, the Gold Coast has built up so much that it is home to over 13,000 hotel rooms.

The impressive tourism industry throughout the Gold Coast has benefited how much houses along the Gold Coast are worth in many ways. As stated before, the tourism industry employs more residents than any other industry along the Gold Coast. Because of the millions of people who travel to the coast each year, jobs have been created in industries such as hotel management, administration, engineering, culinary art, urban and city planning, media, customer service, and health care, among many more. These opportunities are without a doubt one of the key reasons that so many people consider the Gold Coast a fantastic place to live, and raise a family. Cities, and areas such as the Gold Coast, that have so many opportunities for residents often experience a great increase in how much houses are worth because of how in demand real estate becomes.

It is not just the employment opportunities however, that creates such a demand for real estate, and that increases how much houses along the Gold Coast are worth, the events that are developed and put on to help attract even more tourists also attract residents, and are excellent sources of culture, art, and entertainment. Many families view these events as wonderful opportunities to get out together and enjoy their community, while others view these events as the opportunity to be a part of events that over the years, have become known not only locally, but nationally, and globally as well.

The tourism industry in the Gold Coast is without a doubt one of the biggest contributing factors in to how much houses in this area are worth. How much houses are worth is very much a reflection of the amount, and quality of opportunities that a location has to offer. Because of the increasing, and impressive tourism industry, and all that it has brought to the community of the Gold Coast, how much houses are worth have been increased to reflect that. From job opportunities, to being able be a part of, watch, or volunteer at a large scale event the Gold Coast offers its residents the chance to do it all.


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