How Much is My House Worth? – Newcastle

How much a house is worth is determined by a number of factors. Many of these factors, such as the educational opportunities that the city in which the house is located offer play a huge role in answering that question. The city of Newcastle is home to a number of schools ranging from kindergarten all of the way up to post-secondary education. The benefits of these educational institutions being a part of the community is huge, and impacts more than just the actual education that the students receive, but how much houses in Newcastle are worth, because of all of the various opportunities bring.

The city of Newcastle is home to a number of elementary and high schools. These include catholic, private, public, and independently run educational institutions. Included in these schools is Newcastle East Public School, which was first established in 1816 and is actually the oldest continuously operating school in the nation, Newcastle Grammar School, and St. Philip’s Christian College. In addition, the Newcastle is also home to several specialized schools, including Hunter Sports High School – a high school that selects half of its student population through audition, as well as Hunter School of the Performing Arts – this is a fully selective school that serves students from kindergarten through to grade 12.

The city of Newcastle is also home to several post-secondary educational institutions. The main provider of tertiary education within the city of Newcastle is The University of Newcastle. Established in 1951, The University of Newcastle was originally a satellite campus of The University of New South Wales. Today, the school offers more than 150 undergraduate programs, and opens its doors to open 32,000 students.  In addition, there are also three campuses of The Hunter Institute of TAFE.

Having these educational opportunities, is one of the reasons that so many people consider Newcastle to be such a fantastic place to live. Not only are these educational opportunities wonderful for obvious reasons, providing parents and students excellent schools, and many choices to ensure that they are finding the best for their family.  These educational opportunities also benefit the outcome of how much a house is worth because of the additional opportunities that they bring. In addition to the academic opportunities that these institutions bring, they also bring a great deal of employment opportunity, and additional money to the economy. Job opportunities are without a doubt one of the most attractive factors that perspective buyers look for when considering moving to another city. With each of these institutions, hundreds of jobs from various industries such as culinary, administrative, educational, health care, janitorial, and more.

How much your house is worth is something that all homeowners should be aware of. Because of how large of an investment that purchasing a piece of real estate is, asking yourself this question is something that should be done somewhat regularly. By knowing what factors influence how much a house is worth you will be able to make a more informed decision when considering purchasing a home. Educational opportunities such as the ones discussed make a huge impact on how much a house is worth because of the rippling effects that they have on the community. A better education leads to a higher income, which leads to more money being pumped back into the community. Often factors that influence how much a house is worth have a rippling effect similar to the educational institutions that have been discussed.

When considering buying a house, or looking into what your home is worth, the educational opportunities, and the rippling effect that they have on a city are without a doubt factors that should be greatly considered.


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