How Much is My house Worth? – Sydney

Real estate is not just a place to live, or to rent out, it is an investment. Because of this, it is important to not only ask yourself, how much is my house worth? But to fully understand the various variables and factors that will impact the worth of your home. In the metropolis of Sydney Australia, one of the major factors that impacts how much a house is worth, is the city’s urban structure and whether it is located in the inner or outer suburbs, or in a central area of  the city.

The suburbs of Sydney, Australia are home to multiple communities,, and neighbourhoods. The further out from the city that you look, the more residential than the central area, The answer to the question, “how much is my house worth?” for residents depends on a few factors.

Location wise, the closer to the city center you are the more that your home will be worth. This is because of the amenities, and accessibility that comes with living right in the city. In addition to the many amenities, living right in the city also offers residents a plethora of opportunities, and these opportunities are not just in terms of employment, but often educationally, and culturally as well.

In terms of how much your house is worth, these opportunities, and amenities are huge factors to consider. After all, many aspects of a house can be changed, the location however, cannot. It is important to find a location that fits the both the wants and desires of your family. For example, if you do not drive, living much further out where accessibility to public transit, and it’s frequency reduces dramatically, really does not make much sense. People want to live in the best community possible for their family, one that they can afford, is safe, and provides everything they need.

Now, there is a trade off to considering houses further out of the city itself, and that is land size. How much you house is worth will be impacted by the size of land that it sits on, and the landscaping of it. Buyers looking for more space are often trying to figure out what is most important to them, location or lot size. For people who have decided that they are fine making the daily commute to work, or school, and who are really looking for a big house, on a nice size lot to raise a family, these factors will greatly impact how much they are willing to pay for a house. But again, that is their deciding on a location that, that while often beautiful, is not the most conventional for many people.

Often people looking at houses further out are established, they have transportation, and in many cases a career that they are set in, and not really looking to change. When you are looking at people who want to buy right in the city often they use public transit (or appreciate having the option when necessary), and are looking to be a part of the everyday hussle that city living provides. They are looking to be close to the many opportunities for either themselves, or their children, they are looking to network, and they are looking to take advantage of all that the city has to offer.

When trying to find out how much your house is worth, it is important to really look at what you’re location has to offer. More people are looking to grow from where they currently are, and living right in the city provides them the opportunities to do so. While a great lot size will help increase how much your home is worth, location cannot be denied.


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