How Much is My House Worth? – Townsville

Real estate is a huge investment, and because of that it is important that people be aware of what their investment is worth. When trying to determine how much your house is worth, it is important to know what factors will influence the final number. While there are many factors that will influence how much your house is worth, some have a greater impact than others. One factor that impacts how much your house is worth quite a bit is the quality and accessibility of the local health care.

For residents of Townsville, the local health care has been not only benefiting their quality of life, but the bottom line of how much their house is worth. One of the largest hospitals within Townsville is the Townsville Hospital. This is a teach hospitals that is located in the suburb of Douglas Townsville, and is a part of the James Cook University School of Medicine. This hospital holds over 575 beds, and caters to both the residents of Townsville, and other nearby locations. The hospital underwent a $437 million redevelopment in 2011 that included: a four story expansion on the Emergency Department, an expanded Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, an expansion of the hospitals Oncology Services, as well as an additional 100 beds. The redevelopment made the Townsville Hospitals Emergency Department the largest in the state of Queensland.

In addition to the Townsville Hospital the city of Townsville is also home to four other public services hospitals: The Townsville Hospital Dentist, The Kirwan Health Campus, The Magnetic Island Health Service Centre, and The North Ward Health Campus. There are also two private hospitals in the city, Mater Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and The Mater Hospital.

Providing residents with some of the highest quality health care in the state, the residents of Townsville have seen a reflection of this in how much their houses are worth. Health care is something that everyone is concerned about at one point or another, and impacts everyone differently. City’s that provide residents with high quality and state-of-the-art health care generally experience a higher demand for real estate because of this.

Aside from the obvious aspects of having high quality health care, having so many services, and serving so many residents, also leads to an increase in employment opportunities. Each hospital requires hundreds of staff members, and with more demand and funding, more and more are needed. These job opportunities are definitely attractive features of the city. Locations that do not have enough job opportunities for their current residents, let alone perspective residents, do not end up having the demand for real estate that cities like Townsville do. This is because jobs are needed, everyone needs to work, and to move somewhere that does not have job opportunities is not a wise move, and will not increase the quality of life of residents there.

Real estate is a huge investment, perhaps the most daunting and intimidating investment that most people will make in their lifetime. Residents and perspective homeowners of Townsville have been benefiting in terms of how much their houses are worth because of the wonderful and top of the line health care that the city has. These health care centers and continuously growing population has brought a demand for real estate and an increase in job opportunities as well. The benefits that these health care institutions and opportunities bring have proven to be beneficial to how much houses are worth in other major cities as well. Top of the line health care and job opportunities are important factors for perspective home buyers to keep an eye on. These factors will help you to know what the quality of life in the city that you are looking at are, as well as how much your house could be worth in the future.


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