How Much is My House Worth?

Having this information readily available and customers only becoming more tech savvy, it won’t be long before this is a “must do” when looking to buy or sell property.

Property owners & buyers will usually start the process of trying to understand just what the value of property is by looking at similar houses for sale and in the same suburb or region. This usually happens by searching online and going to or and looking at what is currently on the market.

There is a great deal of information available to sellers and buyers today that was not available in years gone by.In those earlier times, house prices were heavily influenced by real estate agents opinions and their ability to compare your property to others in the suburb that were selling, subject to visiting numerous amounts of open for inspections yourself.

Well times have definitely changed. Websites like offer transparent, easily accessible information in just a few minutes.

So now armed with a home valuation guide from a data and analytical E Valuation website, will a seller have an accurate idea of what their house is worth? They will definitely know much more than the person who didn’t search for an online valuation, that is for sure.

How ever it seems there still is a role for the agent to play in some situations in correctly assessing a property’s value.

Until you can get inside a house and look at its condition and presentation, you are still a little limited in getting to the most likely value of the house.

What has changed though is that the owner of the property has much more quality data available , usually for free, that means they know a lot more than they are letting on to the real estate agent when they ask “how much is my house worth”.

Access to good quality, historical data is changing the equation quickly and home owners can now prepare very wel for the process of buying and selling and not just be reliant on the price assessment of a real estate agent.


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