Online Home Valuations

The question is , is the information in the reports accurate. Well yes it is in so far as the access to data sites like pricefinder and rp data is providing similar information to both consumers and the professionals. This is quite a game changer for the owners and buyers of property as it it puts more detailed information in their hands before a selling or buyers agent are engaged.

The Free Online home valuation reports from the best websites have got even better in that the important information such as comparable home sales and median home values in your suburb or area are recent and actual sales. This type of information always was the basis of the listing proposal from the real estate agent when they were pitching for the listing of your home.

An overview of the sales , price trends and time on the market for similar properties to yours that is available in the home valuation guides is so valuable , as you can start the process of selling your home from a far more informed position.

So, back to the question of , are online home valuations accurate ? Well the information is accurate as it is historical. In truth though it is a guide , a good guide , but still a guide. Every home internally will present differently. Some will have modern or old internal styling, low quality or high quality decorations , good or bad presentation, cracks, defects, magnificent kitchens , terrible bathrooms etc. The online home valuations cannot pick this up as it can only be determined by being actually seen. Even a street view of the property will only tell you so much.

At this point , it is where the real estate agent comes in to the picture. Home valuations are subjective at the best of times but if you are viewing homes currently for sale and new listings day in and day out , you would have the best idea as to what every individual home would likely sell for. Physically seeing the home inside and out and comparing it to other properties currently on the market is the closest thing you will get to an accurate home valuation. Even then , most homes have their “natural buyer” so if that person is not in the market at the time you are selling , you may not get your best price regardless. Still , the free online home valuations are definitely a game changing element for home owners today.


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