Property Value and Property Valuations

New websites like are able to slice and dice the vast amount of data that is gathered by many real estate listing websites , valuer general and city councils to piece together a quite accurate assessment of your property value and that of the surrounding suburb. They are able to detail the recent sales of properties in the suburb, the median house price and price trends.

Before engaging a real estate agent it definitely pays to go on line and take advantage of this information. It is usually free and provided quickly. Coming up to speed with regards to your properties value is a very important starting point in the whole process of selling.

Those seasoned property owners also say that being well armed with detailed information about your property-value and the list of sales of other similar homes in your area will be a vital part of the process of selecting which real estate agent to list your property for sale with. In a pretty firm market many agents are just recommending going straight to auction with out really providing any property price guidance . It is important to know what an accurate property valuation is so that you can set your reserve price if you do take the agent recommendation and go to auction rather than private treaty.

Fortunately , “price discovery ” as the agents like to refer to, is not just limited to the auction process. Very good information available on line is at your finger tips and will change the way agents present their proposal to obtain your listing. The crucial starting point in these discussions is always the property value and expectations of the vendor. You as the owner need to be in a position of knowledge so that you realise the full value of your property.


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