Property Value Brisbane

The property value of a home is based on a lot of things. A big part of that being where the house is located, and what that city brings to the lives of it’s residents in terms of culture. One thing that many people consider is what kinds of events and festivals are held in their city. Is there city one that draws a lot of tourists? Will they benefit from living near a lot of professional games, or concerts? The city of Brisbane is home to many sporting events, and concerts, as well as annual cultural events, such as Ekka, and the River Festival. In addition, the city is home to a variety of nationally, and globally recognized arts programs and theatres. But how do these wonderful amenities impact the property values in Brisbane?

Living in urban areas, that provide residents easy accessibility to not great schools, hospitals, shopping, and dining, but also living close to major sporting events, and concerts provide residents an additional ease of living. This location provides residents of the city an ability to attend these major events without really having to worry about lengthy travel, or accommodations. This ease of accessibility is something that many seek, and definitely helps to increase property values both in and around the city.

In addition to popular large scale events, annual events within a city that celebrate the culture and community are always appealing to homebuyers. While these events might not increase property values tremendously, they do add a certain appeal and charm to the city or town in which the prospective buyers are looking. In Brisbane for instance, there are multiple annual events held throughout the year, events like The Valley Fiesta, and the Bridge to Brisbane Fun Run have become popular events, drawing not only residents of Brisbane, but of surrounding cities, and towns. For people looking to raise a family, or put down roots, events like these where the community gets together have a large appeal. Property values of houses in areas like these verses communities where there is no celebration of life, or culture are noticeably different,

In terms of the arts, the city of Brisbane is home to many programs and theatres that have been recognized both on a national, and a global level. Places like the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, The Brisbane Powerhouse, and the Brisbane Arts Theatre, are staples both in the city and in the global arts community. With performances, exhibitions, and and festivals are taking place there, and drawing in thousands of visitors. Living near locations like this is great for property values for a couple of reasons.

The first, being tourism. Brisbane is very much a tourism hot spot and welcomes more than 2 million tourists each year. Like other major cities around the world like London, New York, and Toronto, tourism increases property value tremendously. This is because it means not only that, as mentioned previously, there is a lot to do and see within the city, but also that there are jobs. Tourism helps to create jobs, and jobs create a demand for real estate, and an increase in property values.

The second reason that living so close to theatres, and locations such as these is great for property values is that these locations provide opportunities. If you are interested in exposing your children to the arts, or perhaps your child is hoping to work in the arts one day, being exposed and located so close provides wonderful opportunities to help make that dream a reality. Just like jobs increase property values, opportunities do to.


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