Property Value – Cairns

The history of a city has a unique role when determining the property value of a piece of real estate. With every city have its own story, some of them have been more interesting than others. These are the city’s that tend to experience a great deal of tourism based on its history, and in many cases have industries that have been around, and thriving for decades, pushing the local economy forward, helping the city to develop, and increasing property values.

The city of Cairns was founded in the year 1876, and was hastened by the need to export gold discovered on the tablelands to the west. The site was primarily made up of sand ridges, that were filled with sawdust, and dried mud; and mangrove swamps that were eventually cleared by laborers. When the railway to Hererton on the Atherton Tableland, a project that was established in 1886 opened up, it was used for fruit and dairy production, as well as agriculture. The success of the local agriculture helped the city of Cairns to establish itself as a port. The creation of a Harbor Board in 1906 also helped to support the economic future of the city.

During The Second World War, Cairns was used by the Allied Forces as a staging base for operations throughout the Pacific, with The Royal Australian Air Force and The US Army Air Force operational basis as well as US Navy and Royal Australian Navy Baes near the modern day Wharf. Combat missions were flown out of Cairns in support of the Battle of the Coral Sea in 1942. Edmonton and White Rock south of Cairns were major military supply areas and US Paratroopers trained at Gordonvale and the Goldsborough Valley. In addition, there was a Special Forces training base established at the old “Fairview” homestead on Munro’s Hill, Mooroobool. This base was officially known as the Z Experimental Station, but was generally referred to informally as “The House on the Hill.” Following The Second World War, the city of Cairns developed into a popular tourist destination. The opening of the Cairns International Airport in the year 1984, helped to establish the city as popular and desirable tourist destination for people all around the globe.

Determining the property value of a piece of real estate means taking lots of factors into consideration, and sometimes the influence of these factors varies, for examples, the rich history of Cairns has made the city a more economically secure place to live. This economic security makes the city of Cairns a popular and in demand place to live. Cities that do not have this economic security tend to also not have an overly stable and well established industry that the economy relies on. Cities like this tend to have multiple different industries that they rely on, but none with the security that the creation of the Harbor Board has had on the city Cairns. The demand that the economic security that the Harbor Board brought to the Cairns real estate market that has made the property values in the city of Cairns climb, and be as secure as they are.

This is because people want to live in areas that are economically secure, and where they are able to provide as much security and opportunity for their family as possible. This feature alone is one of the most influential for all locations. Because of the unique history that a city has, the benefits that the history brings to the city today varies, in the case of Cairns, the history has benefited property values, and the quality of life tremendously.


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