Property Value – Central Coast

When determining property value it is important to be aware of the fact that there a multitude of outside factors that impact what the property value is. One of these factors is the entertainment and athletic opportunities that the city offers its residents. Many residents of the Central Coast for example, are passionate about sports, and embrace the energy and life that sporting events and opportunities bring to their community.

The Central Coast has many local sporting leagues and is also in the midst of attempting to become a force within the national sporting arena. Some of the major teams within the Central Coast include: The Central Coast Mariners, they represent the Central Coast in the A-League; The Central Coast Rhinos. Generally this team plays out of the Erina Ice Arena at Erina Fair, the Central Coast’s only ice rink. They played in the Australian Ice Hockey League from 2006-2008 and then from 2009-2012 they played as a part of the Australian International Ice Hockey Cup; the Central Coast Crusaders are a senior basketball program; The Central Coast Centurions; and the Wyong Roos, this team currently plays in the New South Wales Cup, and are the feeder team of the Sydney Roosers National Rugby League. In addition to these teams, the community is also home to numerous house league, and recreational teams for the public to join and play with.

Having so many highly acclaimed teams representing the Central Coast has done wonders for the local property values for multiple reasons. The first being the tourism that these teams bring to the Central Coast. Each season these teams bring in hundreds of tourists to the area to see and cheer on either these teams or their opponents. This strong tourism industry leads into the second major way that these sporting events and opportunities have impacted the property values along the Central Coast, and that is through the many employment opportunities that these events bring.

Employment opportunities are one of, if not the largest deciding factor in deciding where to buy a house. People need to work, and the reality is that in a lot of areas good paying jobs are few and far between. Because of the many job opportunities that the Central Coast has stemming from the excellent tourism industry, and the multitude of sporting events that take place in and around the area, the Central Coast has become more, and more in demand. This demand has been met by more, and more housing being developed further out of the urban area and out in the suburbs. Luckily the jobs that these sporting events create have kept the demand growing. Jobs within industries such as hotel management, customer service, education, public transit, public administration, health care, culinary arts, entertainment, road maintence, engineering, and more have become more and more necessary.

The property values in and along the Central Coast have seen an increase as the amount of sporting events and subsequent jobs have continued to develop. If you are considering putting your home on the market, or possibly moving, it is important to think about factors such as the sporting events that the Central Coast experiences, and how they will impact your current or perspective property value. Unfortunately, when in the process of moving, many people do not think about the way that factors such as these will impact their property value now or in the future. Perhaps the biggest factor, as stated before is the employment opportunities that a community has, if you are looking at a community such as the Central Coast, that hosts many games, and is home to several teams, odds are that the local tourism industry will be decent and that property values will benefit.


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