Property Value – Geelong

Real estate is one of, if not the largest financial investment that most people make in their lifetime. There are many factors that impact what the property values of these investments are. Some of these are under the control of the homeowner, while others are completely the opposite, they are under the control of the city, government and climate of where the piece of real estate is located. One of the most influential factors in determining your homes property value is the local economy and job market. Not something that a homeowner can control, the amount that it can influence the value of a property can be mind boggling, however, it is the reality, and it is this way for a few reasons, such as the educational  opportunities, landmarks, and the amount of job opportunities that residents of the city have.

The city of Geelong is home to a number of schools, including some of the oldest in the state. The educational opportunities are not only in the classroom however, with many popular tourist destinations doubling as educational events and places of interest as well. Some of the most popular include: The Ford Discovery Centre; The Victorian Heritage Register which is home to more than 30 historical buildings and sites; as well as the Australian International Airshow; and the Waterfront Geelong. As more and more public locations such as these become opportunities for residents and tourists alike to enjoy and experience learning outside of the classroom, the property values in nearby and surrounding areas have increased. The reality is that educational and recreational opportunities are attractive and appeal features to families and professionals alike. This is because people want the best for their children, and to go as far as they possibly can in their careers. Cities like Geelong that offer opportunities to combine the two factors together benefit from it both the educational levels of the residents who are going to these places and learning from their experiences there, and also from the boost to the tourism industry and local economy that the city receives as people visit.

The city of Geelong is home to over 10,000 businesses that employ well over 80,000 people. The primary businesses in the Geelong region are the processing and manufacturing industries, with each employing approximately 15,000 people. Other major industries within the city of Geelong include health care, community services and tourism and retail. The major employers within the city of Geelong include: The Barter Chicken Processing Plant, The Ford Motor Company Engine Plant, and The Aircraft Maintenance at the Avalon Airport, The Target Australia Head Office, and the Shell Oil Refinery in Corio.  The benefits that the residents and homeowners of Geelong are gaining from these thriving industries cannot be ignored. Thanks to the city having multiple strong industries, local real estate is becoming increasingly more, and more in demand. This means that the property values throughout the city will continue to reflect this.

For people who are considering making a real estate investment in the Geelong area, the choice makes a lot of sense, property values in Geelong are increasing as the economy and opportunities both educational and employment wise increase, creating a brighter future for the next generation. Unlike many other cities the city of Geelong has multiple thriving industries including tourism, retail, manufacturing, and processing. These industries are continuing to create opportunities for residents and are pumping money back in to the local economy. These opportunities have been, and will continue to make the city of Geelong an ideal location for many people interested in making a wise real estate investment.


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