Property Value – Gold Coast

When it comes to determining the property value of a piece of real estate, the impact that educational opportunities have on the results are among the most influential. Locations that have multiple educational opportunities, especially opportunities for all ages, tend to have higher property values than locations with limited educational opportunities.

The Gold Coast is a location that has numerous educational opportunities, including over 100 primary and high schools. This list is made up of a variety of private, public, independent, and religious schools. In addition to these, the Gold Coast is also home the main campuses of both Griffith University, and Bond University, as well as smaller satellite campuses for Central Queensland University and Southern Cross University.

Because of the amount of schools throughout the Gold Coast, the area has benefited quite a bit. Not only do the residents of the Gold Coast benefit from the educational opportunities themselves, but also the cultural and employment opportunities that develop because of them. Opportunities such as these are key factors to determining the property value of house. Property values in the Gold Coast reflect these various opportunities, as well the way that they have developed over time.

The cultural benefits to having so many schools within the area is that many, especially post-secondary educational institutions promote extremely multicultural communities. In fact, Griffith University is one of the most popular Universities in Australia for international students. Having such a welcoming and multicultural community within these schools has led to events and festivals being held on campus and nearby celebrating these cultures, and introducing residents as well as students to other cultures from around the world.

The employment opportunities that these schools bring can be quite obvious, with each school relying sometimes on hundreds of people to keep things running smoothly. Industries that are enhanced because of these opportunities include: education, media, engineering, scientific technology, janitorial, culinary arts, fashion, publishing, wholesale trade, and retail. Having so many employment opportunities, in addition to the high quality of education many of the Gold Coast schools are known to provide have caused the Gold Coast to experience a surge in demand for real estate. Employment and education are perhaps two of if not the largest factors that families look at when determining whether or not to purchase a home. If a city or location does not offer these two factors, and strong options within them, the odds of houses selling for what they would in areas that do have strong options is extremely slim.

Due to the fact that property values are influenced by so many different factors, it is impossible to point out the one reason why the property values of houses in the Gold Coast are the way that they are. One thing is certain, and that is that the importance of educational opportunities cannot be ignored. The proof can be seen by looking at any major city around the world. All of the major cities have several highly acclaimed educational opportunities at least at the post-secondary level, however, most have numerous for all school ages. The property values of the cities and neighbourhoods around them reflect these opportunities, and allow perspective home buyers to purchase houses in areas that clearly understand and respect the importance of a strong education. In addition to living close to the schools, often major cities, and locations such as the Gold Coast, also have additional amenities that students and residents are able to visit, volunteer at, or work at that moves the educational opportunities out of the classroom, and allows them to experience what they are actually learning.


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