Property Value – Hobart

The economy of a city is something that most people who are considering buying a new home, know to look in to. If a city does not have a strong economy, then the city will not be able to grow, expand, and diver the opportunities that residents both want, and deserve.  Like many cities the city of Hobart is home to a couple major industries, and then several smaller, yet strong ones. The economy of Hobart, and these industries have provided residents a multitude of opportunities over the years, and have created a demand for real estate that has led to an ongoing increase in property values.

The city of Hobart is a busy, and well-known seaport. This seaport has, over the years, become known because of its depth, being one of the deepest bodies of water in the world, and for its ability to be the backbone of a major city’s economy. The port serves as the primary location for all of the Antarctic activities of both France and Australia; and loads more than 2,000 tonnes of cargo each year for the Australian research vessel Aurora Australia. In to the cargo shipping that takes place at the port, the port is also a hub for many of the cruise ships in that area throughout the summer. Docking up to 40 cruise ships each season, and greatly increasing the number of tourists that visit the city annually.  The city of Hobart also has a strong wine industry that has developed a great deal over the past two decades. Over time the area just outside of the city has developed some of the most well-known, and highly awarded vineyards in the nation. In addition to the port, and the city’s strong tourism, and wine industries, the city is also home to many other industries and employers, with some of the most well-known including: Cadbury’s Chocolate Factory, Cascade Brewery, Norske Skog, as well as Zinc Refinery Nyrstar, and Wrest Point Casino.

Property values throughout the city of Hobart have increased over time, as these industries have become more, and more developed. One of the reasons that property values have increased as much as they have is that the development of these industries has created more, and more new jobs, and because of this, a great demand for real estate in that area. Because of the surge in employment opportunities, the city has found itself increasing the number of apartment style condominiums, and such to help accommodate the growing population.

The property value of a house is very much related to the local economy. This is the same all of the world. City’s that do not have a strong economy, and a lack of job opportunities, have houses that are much cheaper than city’s that have more to offer. While it can be appealing in a way to purchase a home that is extremely cheap, the impact of the weak economy that you will have to deal with will far outweigh the benefit of paying for less. Without a strong economy, the city is unable to provide residents with not only employment opportunities, but strong academic, volunteer, or recreational opportunities either. These are the things that are reflected in property values and that will shape the sort of life that you and your family have. Without the chance to find a better job, to attend well-funded good schools, or to get involved not only in the community, but to network and learn new leadership skills will impact the way that you and your families lives turn out. This is why it is so important to remember that property values reflect much more than simply the value of the building itself.


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