Property Value – Perth

The determination of a property value is based on many factors. These factors include things like the climate the house is located in, the educational options within the community, and the employment opportunities. Another major factor, is where in a city the house is located. Generally, when looking at big cities, the closer the property is to the core of the city the more the property value. In the city of Perth, this is no exception. This generalization stems from the fact that major cities have more to offer residents in terms of employment, education, recreation, culture, and other amenities than smaller communities and more rural areas.

When considering purchasing a home, it is important to figure out where it is that you want to live. For some people, living further out, in smaller communities or more rural areas is ideal. Homes in communities such as these are often larger, and sit on bigger lots. Many families opt for locations like these that are further out of the city because of the space that it provides their children. Generally these areas have lots of parks, and much less traffic. Housing in these areas are generally well kept detached or in some cases townhouse style homes. The property values of homes in these areas obviously depend on numerous factors, however, generally these houses end up having a lower property value because of distance that they are from the city. While living further out has definite benefits, and is extremely appealing for many, the lack or reduction of public transportation, not having the ease of accessing all of the cultural festivals and events, and not being nearly as close to potential jobs and networking opportunities makes a big impact on the property values. In the city of Perth, the property values for houses like these, that are further out are noticeably lower. Many people find it to be an odd thing that property values decrease so much simply because you go further out, however, it just goes to show that property values in Perth and other major metropolis areas are extremely reliant on location and the amenities nearby.

Property values of houses located in or right around the core the city are also impacted by their location. In this case, the property values are increased because of it. Living right the heart of a major city is something that is highly sought after and considered desirable by many people. In the city of Perth, living in the heart of the city means that you are living in a lively and highly multicultural community. Houses in this area sit on smaller lots than those further out, however they are close to public transit and therefore have easy access to the rest of the city. In addition to the public transit, they also have access to the many cultural and athletic events that take place within the city, for many residents of the downtown core they can simply walk to these events.

The property values of houses in Perth reflect a real estate rule that applies all over the world, when it comes to real estate, location is everything. Living closer to the city, the events, festivals, the (generally) more established schools, and employment opportunities, are much more easily accessible. Another reason for the increased property value in this area is that more people want to live close to the core of a city than further out. Because of the many opportunities that living right in the heart of a city can bring, these properties are extremely high in demand. This demand continues to add to the property values.


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