Property Value – Sunshine Coast

When purchasing a house, one of the most influential factors is what the location has to offer. This applies to houses everywhere, and is proven time and time again, that houses that are located within, or closer to the more urbanized areas, areas that offer opportunities and amenities have a higher property value.

The property value of a piece of real estate is determined by a number of things, however, many of these such as curb appeal, flooring, and even floorplan can be changed with enough money. What cannot be changed however, is the location, and what that location brings to the table. Houses that are located in urbanized areas are generally surrounded by, or much closer to more employment opportunities. This is perhaps the biggest factor in terms of why a location is seen as desirable or in demand. Areas that do not have job opportunities tend to have a somewhat stagnant real estate market, and much lower property values. Along the Sunshine Coast, the employment opportunities are great, this is because of the many thriving businesses that have developed there, and these include: agriculture, retail, tourism, construction, and more recently ICT and creative industry start-up companies. Because of these excellent opportunities, the property values of houses along the Sunshine Coast have increased noticeably, and the real estate that has been developing there is becoming more, and more in demand.

Houses that located closer to the urbanized areas of a city or coast also tend to be closer to the more established and more accredited educational opportunities. Aside from employment, education is considered to be one of the top factors as to why a house is purchased. Parents want what is best for their children, and when it comes to education, this is even truer. But it is not only the in school learning that this necessarily applies to, with the ease of public transit, and the many businesses and creative spaces around, students are able to explore their interests in a more hands on way, either through volunteering, working, or simply spending time in a professional area that they are interested in, such as a museum, library, gallery, or shop. These opportunities are sought after by parents because of the additional opportunities and enjoyment that their children receive from being able to experience this. Property values along the Sunshine Coast are reflective of the fact that houses close to these amenities are in demand, with higher property values circling the higher ranking schools and amenities.

Houses that are located further out from the urban areas, in more suburban or rural areas are popular for families for several reasons. While these houses do not necessarily have the ease of access to the job opportunities or the most established schools, (at least not without having somewhat of a commute) they do provide homeowners with more space, both in the size of house, and lot. The lower property values often surprise people when they see just how much more space is attainable if you move further out, but the tradeoff has be considered. While you have the space, quieter streets, and parks, the commute can be lengthy depending on where exactly you are looking.

Residents of the Sunshine Coast have benefited from the beautiful housing both within the urban areas and the suburban neighbourhoods. Both provide residents with lots of enjoyment, and options, however both come with drawbacks as well. As stated earlier, property value is determined by multiple factors, but the one thing that cannot be changed when purchasing a property is the location. Residents of the Sunshine Coast have wonderful options either way, it is just a matter of deciding which area suits their specific needs more.


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