Property Values – Launceston

The property values within a major city are dependent on multiple factors. One of the primary factors being where the house is located in proximity to the amenities that the city has to offer. This is seen around Launceston, along with most other large cities, the further in you are, the more central the location, the more higher the property values. When houses are located further out from the downtown core, in more rural or suburban areas, they tend to have larger lots, and provide more space. That said, these houses are also further away from events, shops, public transit, cultural events, and performances. The property values of these homes are generally lower than homes that are located further in. Although you are getting the additional land, the lack of amenities lowers property values.

This is because property values are not solely based on the house and land. Property values are also based on numerous outside factors that are out of the homeowner’s control, many of which rely on one large factor – location. Factors such as sporting events, educational opportunities, employment opportunities, cultural events, festivals, and Religious places of worship are all found in large cities, and not very commonly found in smaller towns, and areas that are further out.

Factors that impress and attract prospective home buyers include accessibility to great schools for all educational levels, a strong and accessible public transit system, events, and festivals. The city of Launceston offers its residents all of these things, and because of it has seen noticeable increases in both the sale of homes, and property values. Living in a more centralized location like Launceston is something that many residents value. For families it means that there are ample opportunities in terms of education, recreation, volunteering and employment. Young professionals and recent graduates generally appreciate the accessibility to prospective jobs and networking.

Homeowners sometimes tend to overlook what factors actually go into determining a property value, and they end up being surprised that outside factors such as those discussed, along with climate, geography, crime, and infrastructure all impact what a property is actually valued at. It does not matter whether you live in the heart of Launceston or out in the country, as long as the location works for you and your loved ones. While you cannot control every factor that impacts what the property value of your home is, here are some ways that you can update the look of your home and increase your property value.


The outside of your home is the makes the first impression. It does not matter if you live in the beautiful city of Launceston, if the outside of our home is not well-maintained, it will not sell for as well as it should, nor will it be an easy property to sell. Your best bet is to take some time and cut your grass, pull any weeds that need to be pulled, replace any broken stones along the path way and make your home look as welcoming as it feels to you.

Replace Outdated Doors and Windows

While residents of Launceston hardly have to be concerned about snow and ice, they do have to worry about their energy and hydro bills. A great way to save yourself some money, and to make your home more appealing to potential buyers is to update any outdated doors and windows that you might have. By doing this you will be saving yourself money on your monthly bill while you live there, and you will also be saving the future homeowners money as well. Generally, when houses are updated like this, the perspective buyers take the updates into consideration and pay more upfront for the money savings that they will have down the line.


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