Value My House – Adelaide

The infrastructure of a city is a determining factor for a lot of things, from how easy residents will be able to get around, to the quality of health care that residents receive, to the value of the houses within. The city of Adelaide is home to over 1.3 million residents, and is made up of a metropolis wide transport system,multiple hospitals, and a wide variety of housing styles, and values.

Because of the geography of Adelaide, it being located in the mainland, the city has become a hub of transit options, and strategic travel. In addition to providing extensive travel options for both north-south and east-west travel, the city also has an elabourate transit system throughout the metropolis, this system has become known as Adelaide Metro. Adelaide has been referred to by many as a “twenty-minute city” because of how well set up the city is, and how easily residents can commute to their destination in only 20 minutes.

The wonderful and easy to use transit system is considered to be one of the best in the nation, making Adelaide a city that stands apart from most others. This simple commute is a highly desirable asset to both those who drive themselves, and those who rely on public transit. Being able to access so many wonderful amenities, and travel to where you need to be with such ease is something that increases the value of a house greatly. Providing more opportunities, and less stress for residents.

When it comes to health care, the city of Adelaide is home to two of the largest tertiary hospitals, Flinders Medical Centre, and Royal Adelaide Hospital. In addition the city is also home to several other major hospitals including: Repatriation General Hospital, The Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and Daw Park. The city is also in the process of building a new hospital, to replace the original Royal Adelaide Hospital, providing more up-to-date medical services to residents in the west end of the city. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2016. Many of these hospitals are considered to be among the best, and offer the most relevant and recent development in medical testing, research, and treatment.

One of the added benefits of having so many Hospitals and health care centres is the additional opportunities that they city receives. With every hospital opened comes several hundred new job opportunities to the residents of Adelaide. These opportunities extend further than just employment however, every hospital relies on, and welcomes many volunteers. This provides the Hospital with their much needed volunteers, and provides residents interested in working within the healthcare field, a little more experience in a healthcare institution Additional opportunities like this are wonderful for the value of houses because they provide residents something extra, something that they might not necessarily have the opportunity to do, or be a part of in another location. The value of houses around the city has been impacted by the wonderful health care that is available to residents. Having such sublime healthcare opportunities is something that everyone looks for when considering uprooting to a new city, and is something that has increased the value of houses over the years. The value of houses are impacted by great deals of various factors. Health care is without a doubt one of the most influential factors for residents to consider when looking at a new city to move to.

Overall, the infrastructure of the city of Adelaide is unique, strong, and one that residents and tourists alike appreciate. WIth excellent and well maintained transit, wonderful hospitals, and the values of homes increasing it is no wonder that the population of Adelaide is continuously growing.


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