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One of the most attractive things about a city is the different opportunities that residents are able to take advantage of. A great example of this, is the many sports teams that call the city of Bendigo home. The city of Bendigo is home to a plethora of teams, ranging from house league all the way up to professional.  Some of the most well-known teams and athletic organizations in Bendigo include:


Bendigo is home to four main teams: The Bendigo East, The Maiden Gully Scots, The Eaglehawk Falcons, and The Strathfieldsaye Dodgers. The city of Bendigo participates in the annual VPBL state championships held across the state.


The Bendigo Amateur Soccer League is made up of 10 teams which organize and manage soccer for over 3000 juniors and seniors throughout Central Victoria. The city of Bendigo is also home to the largest junior soccer club in Victoria, this is the Strathdale Soccer Club. The Strathdale Soccer Club’s home ground is Beischer Park. Bendigo has a team in Football Federation Victoria’s Summer League called Loddon Mallee FC.


The city of Bendigo has a strong volleyball association, volleyball is perhaps the most popular house league sport played in the city. Bendigo has with five senior divisions, five junior divisions and three primary divisions (also referred to as Spike zone).  Senior and junior teams compete on Thursday nights at the Bendigo Schweppes Centre and the primary division plays on Sunday evenings. A number of well-known players have represented Australia including Erin Ross, and Caitlin Thwaites in the women’s team. Laura Roberts, Lauren McKenzie, James Winzar, Rhiannon Jud, Jason Hughes, and Karley Hynes have all represented the juniors at different levels on the national and world stages.


The Bendigo Lacrosse Club is Australia’s newest, and was established only a few short years ago in 2008. The club is based at the Latrobe University Bendigo Athletics Track. In 2010, the Bendigo Lacrosse Club participated in the Lacrosse Victoria competition for the first time, in the fourth grade senior level. It is the first time in over 40 years that a lacrosse club has been active in regional Australia.

Having so many professional and amateur sports teams that call Bendigo home, there is always something to go watch, and tourists traveling to the city to see a game. The entertainment, and opportunities to get involved, in combination with the boost to tourism that these teams bring have made a definite impact on the value of houses throughout the city. People want to live where there are options, and opportunities, having so many athletic opportunities for kids to get involved in and for them to go see, is a very attractive quality to many parents. This is a quality that not every city has, and that has allowed for the value of houses to increase alongside the interest from new families that are considering moving to the city of Bendigo.

Having so many teams means that residents of Bendigo also get to experience live games without necessarily having to worry about accommodations or travel, and they also have the opportunity to be a part of the house league teams as well. In addition, with each boost to the economy that these opportunities bring more jobs are created which is perhaps the most attractive quality that a city can have. For residents asking, “What is the value of my house?” these are all crucial influential factors. Opportunities, from entertainment, to recreational, to employment are all going to influence the value of houses in a positive way. Parents want to provide their children with as many opportunities as possible, cities like Bendigo that offer many, and in different aspects of life, benefit from that largely in the value of its homes.


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