Value My House – Cairns

When considering either selling your home or purchasing a new one, it is important to take into consideration the factors that will influence what the value is of the house. Trying to determine the value of a house without taking the proper things into consideration will give you far from an accurate result. One of the factors that must be taken into consideration is how far the property is from the downtown part of the city. Generally the downtown area is where the majority of business, and industry take place, it is also where governments meet, public transit is sure to go, and in many cases is the one of, if not the oldest area of the city, meaning that the educational institutions within the area are among the most established throughout the city.

For the residents of Cairns, living further out means living in one of the city’s lovely suburbs, including: Bayview Heights, Earlville, Woree, Portsmith, Cairns North, Bungalow, Edge Hill, Whitfield, Westcourt, Kanimbla, as well as Mooroobool, Manoora, and Mandula.  While there is a definite difference in the value of houses that are located in the suburbs verses the value of houses located in the downtown core, many other differences that should be taken into consideration before determining where you would like to purchase your new home.

The Suburbs

Living in the suburbs of Cairns, much like living in the suburbs of other major cities, means that you are further out from the constant traffic and hurry of the downtown world. The streets are quieter, and because the value of housing is lower, many families enjoy moving further out, as the house and lot sizes go up. Many suburbs are newer, especially when compared to downtown, meaning that the houses stylistically tend to lack the older home charm that many people are attracted to, that said, they generally have the open floor plans and modern finishes that many young perspective buyers want. In terms of schools, because many of the schools that have been developed in the suburbs are relatively new as well they have not had the time to become as established or reputable as those downtown, however, the newer schools are up to date in terms of health and safety, and modern classroom equipment. Many families opt to live in the suburbs because of the safety factor as well, obviously crime rate varies on more than just city verses suburb, but generally, because the suburbs are primarily just housing, parks, and schools, with a few small shops here and there, the crime rate is somewhat lower.

The City

For many people, there is no point in living in a major city like Cairns, if you are not living right in the heart of it. The city of Cairns is a popular choice among adults of all ages, and is host to a lot of events, sporting games, and festivals within the downtown core, keeping nearby residents entertained. The housing in the downtown area tends to be more compact, with less privacy between neighbors. The value of houses in the downtown core of Cairns and other similar size cities continues to grow as the city develops and the economy grows stronger. Perhaps one of the most popular reasons that people enjoy living downtown is the accessibility that they have to job and networking opportunities. These two factors alone are among the top influencing factors when determining the value of a house. Add to this, the established and reputable schools that the downtown of Cairns has and it is no wonder that so many people opt to live in the heart of the city rather than further out.


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